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Spring house cleaning made a little easier

We all hate spring house cleaning because it’s so tedious.  There are easy ways to keep up with it though.  Every week when you dust, make sure you wipe down the window sills and baseboards.  If you have windows that drop in to be cleaned, clean them once a month.  Clean blinds, drains and garbage disposal once a month (see tips and tricks for easy ideas). 

Make washing your curtains part of sheet changing day.  At least fluff them with a dryer sheet.

Put away your sweaters in a plastic tub with 1-2 used dryer sheets to keep them fresh.  Sorting is easy when you use the rule of thirds.  Keep one third, donate one-third and delete one-third.  Going through your closet is easier with a friend.  Try on everything and have them give their opinion (or take a digital photo of your backside).  If it looks great on you, keep it.  If it would look great on others, donate it.  If it wouldn’t look good anywhere, throw it out.

Now do the same thing in reverse for the spring/summer clothes.  As you go through them, put all the keepers on hangers.  All shirts should be hung up.  Now is the time to organize them.  Sort by style; spaghetti strap, tank, girl t-shirt, gu t-shirt, etc.  Then each category by color.  This will make it easier in the long run.  Make sure that all the hangers are hanging in the same direction and the shirts are all facing the same way.  Place a calendar in the closet with today’s date on it, and in two or three weeks you should start seeing a pattern.  Even in the clothing you liked and kept, there are things you don’t wear.  Get rid of them.  You know you will add things to it soon. 

I’m so worn out thinking about cleaning that I’m going to nap now.  Chemo wears me out so much, I’m lucky to get three good hours .  Gave Joe a test this morning, made him get out my pills.  No mean feat that. But if some day I can’t do it, he’ll have to.  Everything is labeled and sorted by type, so I did make it easier for him.  I hope he stops and picks up a weekly pill case for me.  It will make things so much easier. 

Wow, 11:00, where did the day go.  Huggs to all.

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