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A day not totally wasted.

Did some work on my computer today.  Printed out vouchers for a couple of classes I’ve signed up for.  One is for a glass blowing class and the other is the class you need to take for your real estate license.  I may not do either one ever again, but at least I will know how to do it. I’m going to dedicate this year to learning.  Taking all the training classes I can, reading all the tutorials I can get my hands on.  I’m going to make an honest effort to improve my glass skills and if it is not in me to become a great lampworker, well, I can still pull cane and murinni for those who use it.  I’m getting pretty good at blowing shards too.

I am also working on opening my second ETSY shop.  This one with my handmade goods.  Crochet, knit and hand sewn items.  Keeping one shop open and fresh is hard.  Two will be even more interesting.  I have to be careful not to overload myself.  Learn balance.  I’m just so tired of doing nothing.  If I’m going to be sick, I’m going to be the best sick person I’ve ever seen.

We just got back from a 25th anniversary party.  I love seeing all the young people growing older and the babies getting bigger.  Everyone had a great time, I love seeing friends and family.  Can you imagine being married to someone for 25 years?  Joe and I are going on 14 this year, and those are just married years.  I’m not counting the longest engagement in history.  It’s a good feeling to know that you have found the person that you want to torment for the rest of your life.

Did you all notice the photo of the houseboat added to my home page.  That is my new dream retirement home.  Currently docked in the harbor of St. Thomas USVI, I’m convinced that I could live the rest of my life there.  I’ve also updated my “scary toys” tab to reflect my latest unusual finds.  I do have to start cooking again so I can list some more recipes.

Off to bed.  My little head is pounding.  Another round of chemo coming on Tuesday.  I can feel my body gearing up for the next wave of poisons to pour in.  Yippee for me.

Have a great night everyone.

(Rhema, may the fairies tickle your dreams tonite darling)

Cruise catch up thread

Not much going on here today so thought I’d update you all on our cruise.

We were at sea all day.  Slept late, the boat rocks you like a baby.  And the fresh air.  The first days everyone sleeps for hours.

Calm, blue skies, fluffy clouds and the brisk wind of a ship doing about 50 mph into the wind.  I had whip marks on my cheeks from my hair being whipped around.

Did get to sit in the sun for a while on deck.

Enjoyed what the ship had to offer.   Ate pretty well (BBQ on deck), live music by the pool.  Just enjoyed the day.  I even got to see things I wish I hadn’t saw (Healthy size lady, pink flowy dress, no underwear, stiff wind, draw your own conclusions).

Roast pork loin for dinner was edible, not to my liking though, too much cranberry glaze masked the flavor of the pork.

Did get to see a professional juggler, Charles Peachock in the Stardust ball room.  He was amazing.  I really want to learn to juggle this year.  I’ve wanted to for the past three years and this year I will.

St. Thomas USVI

Pull into St. Thomas and what is the first thing I see (other than the welcome sign)?  That’s right, Senior Frogs.  Right at the end of the dock.  How convenient.  We stopped there for a drink before we hit the bus to the Zodiac boats.

Joe and I each found someone with similar interests to hang with

We met a bunch of fun people to party with.

The bus to the zodiac boats was a little scary.  The engine sounded like it just didn’t have the get up and go to get all the way there.  One hill we were on, everyone was joking that we’d have to get out to push since the bus wouldn’t make it loaded.  The bus ride there took 2 hours.  It was only supposed to be one hour, but there were accidents and people and animals and excuse after excuse to stop.  And we weren’t on the good side of the island either.

So we get to this dock in the middle of nowhere and there are 3 people and 10 Zodiac boats parked around a rickety floating dock and a rusty freezer.  The moss on the bottom of these boats was longer than my hair, but the bus was gone, and we all just looked at each other and went for it.

They loaded us 2/3 to a boat depending on how many were in our groups and off we went.  Joe let me drive this thing and what a thrill that was.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but a 40 hp engine on an inflatable boat in the middle of the ocean is a blast.

I fell in love with this houseboat.  I could so live here.

Joe got to snorkel in that beautiful blue water.  I tried, but breathing through that little tube just doesn’t make it for me.  I panicked and swam back to the boat.  Had a fine time with our guide while we waited for everyone else though.  She is a graduate student from Minn, who went to St. Thomas for vacation six years ago, and never left.  She loved her job.

On the way back to the dock, one of the other boats kept trying to edge me out of line and I wouldn’t let him pass me.  It was a blast.  He tried so hard and just had to keep getting behind me.  I think I hurt his ego just a bit.

Had to wait another hour after we got back cause there was no bus available, cause we were late getting there.  Once we got back, it was fine, just didn’t leave much time for more than a drink at Sr. Frogs again, grabbed a quick sweatshirt and went back to the ship for dinner.

Don’t remember what we had for dinner that night, bu on stage was a “Broadway Star”.  Her longest song of the night was about her name and how people always mispronounced it.  Jeri Sager sang really well, but please, I want to hear broadway show tunes not your name repetitively.

Good night St. Thomas.

Went to bed early.  We get to Puerto Rico in the morning and have and early excursion.

Cruising makes everything better.

Since the cost of Internet usage aboard ship was .75 a minute, I thought it best to collect my thoughts on paper then fill you all in later.  So, without further ado….. our trip. (in short bursts)

December 31.

Got up super, super early to catch our flight to Orlando.  Everyone went smoothly till we got to the airport in Orlando and waited, and waited for our shuttle to Port Canaveral.  It was late and a bunch of us got stressed, but it all worked out in the end.

Going aboard is a little like meeting a grand lady who has come upon hard times.  She’s a bit tattered and torn around the edges, but still beautiful.  Our room is spacious with a big balcony on it.  Lots of room to sprawl out if you choose.  The ship left Port Canaveral at 2:00 pm and made for Nassau and the New Year.

Went for a light dinner in a cafeteria style restaurant (it’s the first day out, no judgement’s).  Walked around deck then went back and lay down for awhile.  Have just enough room for everything to be put away.  9:30 we went to Dazzles, the disco aboard ship and partied into 2012.  They had a pretty good 80’s hair band that did a lot of covers so got to dance quite a bit.  Didn’t drink much.  My legs and my stomach were warning me to watch myself.  Still I thought we rang it in right.

Happy New Year!!!






January 1.

Happy New Years everyone.

Stayed up way to late Sunday night for New Years and managed to miss most of Nassau.  Didn’t party too hard, just wore myself out dancing and hanging with some friends we made onboard ship.  The band in the disco rocked that night playing 80’s and 90’s music.  Had a couple Captain Morgans’ and cokes and rocked in the New Year right.

We did manage to go into Nassau for a couple of hours.

Beautiful Nassau

From what we saw, without taking a tour, it’s a very touristy town with more shops than Miami Beach.  Everywhere you turn are people trying to sell you tours for exorbitant prices.  We walked around for a bit, but my stomach was still rebelling and I ended up getting sick and having to rush back to the boat.  I feel bad for Joe sometimes.  I’m glad he has the patience and understanding to deal with me.  Most of the shops were closed.  Something I wish they would have shared with us.  It being a holiday and all.

I didn’t realize how cold and windy it was going to be onboard ship.  We are heading for St. Thomas USVI and I’m sitting on deck with jeans and a sweater.  Of course I look ridiculous with everyone else in swim suits, shorts and tanks.  But it’s the only way I can sit here comfortably.  Even the air conditioning seems extremely cold to me.  Still kinda sick from earlier.

Food is just OK, we’ve been to a couple of restraunts and the food is cafeteria quality at best.  This new freestyle dining is just a way to save money in the “open” dining rooms, and to charge a “surcharge” of 25 to 30 dollars per person for the finer restraunts on board.  Just not gonna pay extra for the quality I should be already receiving.  I do believe that this will be our last trip on Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Went to see comedian Bill Hildebrandt  in the “Stardust Ballroom”.  He was so funny.  But then, he’d really have to be.  Could you imagine?  Seven days on ship, your scheduled for the second night and the last night.  If you bomb on the second night, you have three thousand people on a boat who will heckle you mercilessly for the next six nights.  There is no-where to hide on board.  I like comedians who get the audience involved in the act and Bill is very good at it.

It’s late and we have an early day tomorrow.  Good night all.

Sunset Heading to St. Thomas.

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