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Can’t get the theme from Sesame Street out of my head.

It’s driving me crazy.  But I guess it’s better than last week when I kept remembering the words to “there was an old lady who swallowed a fly”.  I hope I got you all going nuts with me now, how many verses do you remember?

This is especially since we had so much fun last night at the Stevie Nicks/Rod Stewart. What an incredible show.  If you closed your eyes and sat back, it was like their concerts 30 years ago.  Their voices haven’t changed.  The faces are a little more worn and the “costume changes” were a bit more frequent, but They were amazing.  At one point they did a duet (leather and lace)and I was in heaven.

I have to admit, I looked incredible!  Went shopping with M yesterday and she found the best stores.  I love shopping with her.  Great taste and she doesn’t rush.  Spent way to much, but so worth it.  Lot’s of summer dresses so I can show off my dragon.  Maybe I’ll wear one tonite. 

Joe Louis staff were so helpful and accommodating.  Because I can’t walk far or stand for long periods and really didn’t think a wheelchair would fit in our old seats.  I called because I was concerned and described my problem.  They were incredible. They moved us to the most incredible spot to watch the show.  Kudos to JLA.  So unlike DTE music theatre that made me and all the other wheelchair bound sit in the pouring rain during a Buffet concert.  I wouldn’t go back there even if they offered me free tickets for a lifetime.   (ok, slowly scooting the soapbox away)

Having a pretty good day today.  Just relaxing and recovering from the rocking party last night.  Yep, two beers and good music for me is a good party anymore.  Slept in, hung out with mom and Joe.  And now, have to get ready to go out to dinner.  Chemo tomorrow so who knows when or what I’ll eat again.  Tonite I want a New York Strip and a loaded baked potato.  Lots of red meat and carbs.  Got to build up.

Have a lovely evening everyone.  Huggs.

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