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Twinkies, Twizzlers, heat registers and …

So, Twinkies, which were supposed to survive nuclear holocaust, died 3 weeks before the end of the world.  (Well played Mayans, well-played).  And just this afternoon I heard that a Mexican corporation is looking to buy them out and put Hostess back on the shelves.  Can you imagine, Americas greatest snack food manufacturer in the hands of the people who some people are trying to keep out of the country.  I hope Hostess sells, and when they do, I hope they don’t sell in Arizona.

Speaking of things that are yummy, lets talk about Twizzlers, you know, the twisted red licorice whips that have been around forever.,   What an unexpected treat.  I’ve never eaten them before.  Well I’ve tried them and they were always hard and stale.  After trying to chew them for thirty minutes I would excuse myself and spit it out somewhere.  So I stopped trying them.  It’s been about  twenty-five years since I’ve had any.  I tried some the other day and I am over the moon.  I don’t know if  they changed the recipe or what, but what sweet softness they have achieved.  The Strawberry Twizzlers are a personal favorite with Cherry running a close second.  I love the fact that you can peel them like string cheese.  Adds loads of fun to the mix.

The other morning (and this morning) Oscar has woke me up at 2:15 to go potty.  Now if he can’t make it through the night and is willing to risk waking me up, then he’s gotta go bad.   So I put on my bathrobe (in case mom is up) and make my way quietly in the dark, down the stairs, through the entry and kitchen to the back door.   It occurs to me that it is freezing in the house.  After I let Oz out, I check the furnace, it’s working fine, just got really cold outside.  I crank it up a degree or two and it kicks on.  Then the child in me took over.  I stood over the heat register and let the warm air fill my bathrobe.  Reminded me of being a kid and waiting for the bathroom and trying to stay warm.  My feet were so toasty, I didn’t even mind waiting for Oscar to finish.

Working on my Christmas cards and my shopping.  I’m so almost done with shopping.  Thank the stars for catalogs.  I can order everything online, not pay shipping and have it delivered.  What could be better.  I don’t have to face the crowds and their germs and risk catching another funky disease that levels me for weeks.  The most fun I have is finding a book for everyone.  I search the internet and catalogs, I listen in to conversations and pay attention to what my family is doing and try to find books that will entertain and enlighten and stir the imagination.

I’m off to finish cleaning out my craft room and making it ready to be an actual bedroom.  We thought we were going to have more people staying the night for Thanksgiving, so in order to accommodate everyone, I figured I’d get off my fat duff and finish cleaning out this room.  This is the place where all my craft crap ended up before I started moving to the basement.  I now have two places for all my junk.  I’m sorting out the stuff I can’t physically do anymore, like the counted cross stitch, and the needlepoint.  I just can’t see to do them any more.

OK, back to work for me.  Have a lovely Sabbath everyone.  Peace, joy and harmony be with you this week.

Sometimes the fates tell you where to go.

Driving Joe to PT today we decided to hit a few garage sales on the way since we had time to kill and getting in and out of the car is good exercise for him.  Found some real gems today.  Two plates to add to my collection, some beadable chopsticks that were in a “free” box, a handful of dead trees also known as books (my iPad is ruining the paper experience), and best of all a four piece bar set.  This set is rocking, not only are the dice ivory and can be used in other pieces of jewelry, the ends unscrew and I can replace them with beads.   The rods are just a hair over 1/8″ so I’ll have to thicken the bead release a bit, but totally do-able.  I thinking silver cored tiger stripe beads.  Very retro 60’s.

Anyway we to the “last sale” of the day and it was getting close to his apt. time so we did a drive by to see if anything jumped out at us. I saw a glimmer of orange glass and decided to take a chance and see what was there.  Joe and Mom decided to wait in the car for me.  As I walked up the drive I noticed a white van pulling up behind my vehicle.  I continued into the garage and began looking around.  I realized that there was no-one there and thought it strange, then I figured that whoever was running the sale was most likely in the house.  A  guy, I’m assuming that he came from the van, rounded the corner into the garage and walked straight to the door connecting the garage to the house.  As he reached for the door knob, the lady of the house opened the door with a startled look and looked over at me, he turned, saw me standing there and practically ran out of the garage.  The lady had gone in to grab a snack and he had surprised the crap out of her when she opened the door.  It took about a minute to figure out that neither of us knew him and that his behavior was a little off.  The hands of fate.  If not for a glimmer of orange glass (no I did not buy it, just a tip people, if you want someone to buy what you no longer want, wash it first.)

 Time for a short soapbox rant.

This rant goes out to everyone with an elderly relative, and it’s coming from the heart of someone caring for one.

Please don’t make commitments you aren’t positive you can keep.

Elderly people remember your casually spoken words and their caregivers have to deal with the sorrow and the questions.  Think before you speak please.  And if you can’t keep your commitment, call and explain.  It’s hard having someone not want to leave the house because you said you were going to come by and spend time.

Soapbox put away for now.  Don’t make me bring it back out.

It’s getting late and I see I have 24 new e-mails since I started typing.  I’ll bet 22 are junk one is a receipt and 1 is from my friend.  Have a safe night all.

Oh, can anyone explain why I keep seeing Ouija boards on T.V.?  Those things scare me.  Mom laughs at my reaction to them, but I can’t help it.  Evil little boards.

Wow, the days are flying past.

And I have been terribly remiss about updating my blog.  50 lashes with a wet noodle to me.  Just so much going on.  If I even get on my computer it’s to delete the 100’s of spams and junk mail I get every day.  I try to be careful and not use my “real” mail address on websites, but somehow it trickles out anyway.

I appreciate my husband more than ever now that I’m in his shoes.  Having to do all the shopping and errands on top of cooking and cleaning and laundry.  I know mom and Joe are doing as much as they can to help with everything, but the worry about it getting done is all on me.

Joe is recovering slowly.  I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.  Hell, I don’t want to be in my shoes either, but what can ya do.

Had chemo yesterday and for some reason they doubled my steroids dose.  ‘Roid rage is nothing to mess with.  I feel like I have one nerve left and the whole world is tap dancing on it.  So what did I choose to do today?  Take my 82 yo MIL to K-Mart.  Yep, I put myself into the center of the storm and almost made it out without inflicting damage to anyone.   I say almost because I got to the checkout before snapping.

We got to the store and I pointed mom to the shoe dept since she wanted new slippers.  I had a list and can move faster alone so off I went.  I did splurge a bit, pillows and mattress covers were on sale so I bought new ones for our bed.  Love new bedding!  Finished off my list in record time then proceeded on the MIL hunt through the crowd of  females that seem to populate the store.  I must say at one time, while rolling through the isles, I found myself singing to the music pouring out from overhead.  Something about changing stupid locks and making him leave his key, when to my surprise, I hear several other ladies singing along.  I’ve finally reached that age where I don’t give a shit and will sing out loud if I want to.  What a great feeling.

Anyway, found mom, got her together, stopped and looked at some tops for her.  Made it to the checkout and I haven’t hit anyone yet, in fact am having a pretty good trip.  Then I check out.  Everything goes well, she rings me up while making pleasant conversation with me.  As she’s holding my last item to scan, her co-worker walks up and starts talking to her about working late and training a new girl.  Now I’m already on edge and these two are playing with fire.  I made it for approx 3 minutes before I interrupted with a resounding “excuse me, may I finish here?”  Now, I tried to be nice, but I’m sure the tone was there.  If looks could kill, I’d be toast.

OK, I’m typed out.  Gonna go relax and watch something fun on TV.

Peace ya’ll

It’s 101 in the shade and I have purple toe nails

Yep, braved the heat and got tons of stuff done today.  Got the pool water checked, picked up some freecycle items, stopped by a friends for a few, had lunch, went to Home Depot where I found my wall colors for the room I’m redoing (phew, I’m tired and I’m not done yet).

Took my car to the dealers because the rear hatch wouldn’t open with the remote.  Apparently there is a knob on the ceiling of my vehicle that when you turn it to “off”, the rear hatch auto opener turns off.  Who’d a thunk it?  There are so many buttons and gadgets on this thing it would take me a year to read the manual, and by the time I finished it, I wouldn’t remember anything from the beginning anyway.

Got home and I ducked out for a little “me” time and got a pedicure, so I have purple toes again

As I was driving home, I looked at the display on my radio and couldn’t believe the temp.  

Got home, put on my floppy hat and sat in the shade by the pool for about a half hour, just not thinking, not having to be anywhere, or do anything.  Just chilling in the heat.

I’m off to bed.  So glad the Synthroid is working.  I feel 50% better than I did last week.  Hopefully by next week, I will have a build up that will put me somewhere near normal (like I’ve ever been there before).

Good night all.  Sweet, restful dreams.


It started with a question.

As we were changing sheets the other day, Joe looked at me and in all sincerity asked me, “honey, can  you fix a whole in this sheet?”  My first thought was “are you kidding me?”  I can’t remember the last time I “fixed” something.  Torn, stained or otherwise damaged items get tossed and replaced.  It’s way too easy to get on the internet and order a replacement and have it shipped to your door.

I used to fix things.  I was raised to fix things.  Sheets were a luxury and you kept them in good shape.  I remember spending hours in my parent’s basement ironing and starching  sheets and pillowcases.  Needle and thread tucked in to the end of the ironing board, just in case you found a hole.  Fix it immediately, was my mothers motto.  Frayed tuck points were whip stitched, hems checked and restitched.

I still remember how I got conned into doing all the ironing for the house.  Mom held a contest to see who could iron better between my sister and I.  Me, in my constant puppy dog eagerness to please, fell for it.  The winner would get a movie with popcorn alone with mom.  What a rare treat.  So, with mom leaning on the washer, cig in one hand, beer in the other, called start and the iron off began.  We each had to starch and iron a pillowcase so it would pass the old mans inspection.  Of course, I won.  I then got the honor of being the official ironer of the house.  Never did get that movie though.  Diane laughed her ass off at me.  She got rid of another crappy chore.  Yeah me.  I did get even though, I’m afraid of heights so she had to clean the gutters.  I had to do it more often, but hers was grosser.  It all worked out in the end.

So the question I’m faced with is, do I ditch the torn sheet set and turn them into rags and replace them or do I add them to the overflowing basket of “projects Brenda has every intention of finishing, but just can’t seem to find the time or energy for”.  You know, the someday pile.  I’m pretty sure I’ll go with the first option.  I have lots of sheets, not so much time.

Speaking of working, I’ve been busting it all day getting my back yard ready for summer.  I figure the more I do now, the less I have to catch up on later.  I know I’m probably over doing it, but I’m getting shit done that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and as long as I have the energy to do it today I’m getting it done.  Got all my flowers in pots, just put in a few veggies this year since they never produce for me anyway.  Flowers I can grow, veggies, not so much.  I also ripped down the vines that were choking out my Japanese maple.  Poor little thing was more green than red.  Got to take my loppers to the neighbors trees that overhang my fence.  They let a bunch of “weed trees” grow wild on their side of the fence and I have to contend with them every year.  These things grow like a foot a week, if you cut them down, they will just send out another shoot.  Dig them up and they come back.  I hate these farking things.

OK, I’m back off to work.  Not much more to do.  Just the roses and the side fence.  All the big stuff has been tackled.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Oh and for JV, here’s my yard.  These shots show it in mid-chaos.  I’ll post more tomorrow of the “finished work.

The yard


My flower garden

The pool



Had a kind of me day today.

I’m nervously waiting for the results of my last C/T scan.  My nails are chewed to a nub.  I have the attention span of a three-day old puppy.  I so don’t want this back, and what if it’s like last time where the tumor didn’t show on the C/T but was found “accidentally” during a biopsy.  Guess it’s the one time a doctors accident actually benefited me.

I was talking to C the other day on the phone and it dawned on me that in the past 5 years I’ve had 9 major surgeries.  By major, I mean they put you under, make an incision and either put something in, but usually take parts out.  Another biopsy to my neck will really make me look like a slasher victim.  Kids already look at me funny.  My neck is the color of nicely cooked turkey, from the radiation, and the scars stand out like white lines.

Anyway, had a kind of spoil me day, again.  Joe wanted to look for furniture for his office, so we went to a couple of furniture stores, then to Joannes’ for a skirt pattern for me.  (I picked up the coolest material).  Then got my hair trim and my toes pedicured.  I now have bright purple toesies.

I am really learning to love my new iPad.  I’m sure that once the newness wears off, it won’t be so much of a time suck, but for now, I’m having fun playing and learning.  Can’t use it to update here though.  It doesn’t upload photo’s easily and I haven’t figured out how to include photo’s in posts and stuff.  I’m working on it.

I’m calling it a night.  Anyone want to send some white light and hugs for tomorrows results, all will be used whole heartedly.

Just took my first glass blowing class, I’m hooked

I’ve always known that hot glass and I were meant to be.  I’ve been a pyro for as long as I could remember.  I was always the one who could get the fire going the fastest, who’s coals burned hotter and longer.

I guess it helps that I’m a Leo.  A fire sign for sure.

Anyway, this amazing place called The Glass Academy In Dearborn, held a “sample” class today.  We each got to blow a bubble on a blow pipe (one lung here did better than expected on that one). And we got to make a paper weight that I get to pick up next week.  Controlling that amount of hot glass is incredible.  I would encourage every lampworker to take a blowing sample class.  I really got a feel for how boro works when it’s amazingly hot.  I was amazed at how stiff it was even at over 1200 degrees.  I did love plunging in the pliers and twisting and creating the core.  And since Karen and I were both experienced with warm glass they really let us handle the pipes more than the other people.  For example, the instructor would take the punty from them to reheat the gather.  He would let Karen and I do it ourselves.  It really was a fabulous experience and I’m so glad I took the opportunity.  I almost passed it up.

Sometimes the Gods spam you for a reason.

Some quick photo’s then off to sleepy.

My Bubble









Thanks again to everyone at Glass Academy for making my day memorable.  You’ll probably see me again.

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