Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

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The suitcase is by the front door….

I’m so getting ready to play for a week.  This is an alternate reality that I’m walking into and I’m going to embrace every aspect of it.  It’s an adventure that’s going to rock!!!  I actually talked Joe into a Segway ride around St. Thomas.  It’s a 3 hour trip so it’s gonna be a blast.  I’ve always wanted to drive one of those, and what better place than in the jungle.  Got my hair cut and my pedicure done.  I’m ready to roll.  Maybe parasailing in the Bahamas.  Adventure awaits in the eastern Caribbean.  I think I’ll even declare Wednesday, “talk like a pirate” day and see how many people aboard ship I can get to join me.  I wonder if I can find an eye patch by tomorrow?  I have a bandana for my hair.  All I need is a parrot and a hook.

By this time Saturday, we will be waving good-bye to Port Canaveral FL.  New’s Year Eve at Sea.  I can’t even imagine how beautiful the ship is going to look.

Only one day to wait.  I have to remember to bring home some sand from every beach.  I’ll put them in clear vessels and hang them from my board as a constant reminder of my trip.  Ok, now I gotta go get a bunch of little containers and throw them in my bag.

Have a peaceful night everyone.  Angel kisses on your pillows.


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