Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

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Two down….one more to go, maybe

Got my second Chemo round yesterday.  What a painful, tiring journey.  3.5 hours with a drip in your arm.  So, tomorrow I get to see if the upchucking and the sweats begin again.  Luckily I’m armed with Compazane and Atavan for the heaving and lots of other pills for the pain and sleeping till I get over it. 

Three weeks and I get my last session.  Then I get to run the gamut of CAT, PET, MRI, Blood Work, Biopsy again to decide if we well continue with just chemo or to add radiation.  So hurry up and wait again.  I’m getting good at this waiting shit.

I did find something for mom to do that she enjoys and I hate, She’s helping me weave off the ends of my knitting and crochet patterns and I get to them make them faster.  She loves to sew and I love everything else.  What a team.  It’s like the laundry.  I wash, dry and hang, she folds and carries upstairs.  We’ve never discussed it, we just do it.  Once a week, we’ll look at each other and proclaim “clean sheet day”. So we change our beds, and dust and do the floors and bathrooms.  Takes maybe an hour and a half to do it all, but it looks so nice and smells so clean when we are done.  Can’t wait for the first annual “open window day”.  Still way to chilly for that here.  I did go out and look at my pots from last year and my chives, lavender, sage, marjoram and parsley all made a reappearance.  I’m excited.  Third year in a row.

Just got back from looking at my new car.  A 2011 Red Metallic Equinox.  I’m so excited.  My first car with everything I wanted on it.  I so can’t wait to get it tomorrow.  I think I’ll call the kids and see what they are doing Sunday and take mom for a drive.  Gonna have to figure out how to get those little pupperoonies into the car. 

I’m off to bed.  7:20 and it’s been a long beautiful day.

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