Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

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The sound of silence

Sometimes there is no more beautiful sound.  Knowing that no-one else is in the house.  It releases a kind of peace for me.

It’s funny, when I first got sick, I hated being alone all the time.  I’ve worked full-time since thirteen and was so not used to the pleasure of my own company.  Then I gradually got used to the sound of a quiet house.  The ticking of the grandfather clock, the little click when the a/c turns  on, the hum of the pool pump.  Soft quiet noises, house whispers as it were.

My house hardly whispers any more, the house shouts with the sound of heavy footfalls and doors slamming.  Talking will start from out of nowhere, thoughts interrupted, questions asked.  I’m used to it again, but every once in a while, the house falls silent.  No one home but me.  I can hear my home whisper to me again.

They will be home soon, my noisemakers, and I’ll welcome them home.  But for now I’m going to turn on my torch, put the radio on loud and melt some glass.  I’ll show you tomorrow what I get done today.

It’s been a busy bird day at Brenda’s Buffet

All the birdies came out to play, Brenda filled her bird buffet.  From pine nuts to millet, black oil to Suet.  Meal worms, grape jelly and Orange slices kept everyone happy.  I think the rain helped because I’ve never had that many birds in my shrubs just singing and chirping away.  Others waited patiently for the bird baths and the feeder ports.  I still have one red finch that I’m trying to get a photo of, but it takes off every time I move even a little.  I’ll have to set up a blind like last year, till they get used to me again.  I’m sure I smell way different from last year.


Running  through the perennials at lightning speed this year.  Can’t keep anything alive in this heat.  It was 103 here today.  Anyway, we has a couple of good rains last night and today so I’m anxious to see what kind of fungus has sprouted overnight.  I think I’ll take Oscar in the morning to hunt mushrooms.

Did get a pretty vessel done today using a tutorial from a class I took in 2005.  Back when my life had a plan and no plan at all.  Turned out better than I thought it would.

Same Vessel, different side

The Sedona Vessel


I hope everyone’s kiln creations rock socks tomorrow.   I’m going to try this again and see what results I get.  Not really liking the pitting.  Hopefully tomorrow while Joe is gone I can get some stuff done.  I’m going to try to list some spacers in my ETSY shop tonite, before bed.

Sleep well my friends.  Smell the lavender, hear the ocean crashing against the shore.  The repetitive creak of the ceiling fan just stirring enough wind to create a breeze.  One rum punch and I’m out like a light.  Sleep well.


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