Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

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It’s 101 in the shade and I have purple toe nails

Yep, braved the heat and got tons of stuff done today.  Got the pool water checked, picked up some freecycle items, stopped by a friends for a few, had lunch, went to Home Depot where I found my wall colors for the room I’m redoing (phew, I’m tired and I’m not done yet).

Took my car to the dealers because the rear hatch wouldn’t open with the remote.  Apparently there is a knob on the ceiling of my vehicle that when you turn it to “off”, the rear hatch auto opener turns off.  Who’d a thunk it?  There are so many buttons and gadgets on this thing it would take me a year to read the manual, and by the time I finished it, I wouldn’t remember anything from the beginning anyway.

Got home and I ducked out for a little “me” time and got a pedicure, so I have purple toes again

As I was driving home, I looked at the display on my radio and couldn’t believe the temp.  

Got home, put on my floppy hat and sat in the shade by the pool for about a half hour, just not thinking, not having to be anywhere, or do anything.  Just chilling in the heat.

I’m off to bed.  So glad the Synthroid is working.  I feel 50% better than I did last week.  Hopefully by next week, I will have a build up that will put me somewhere near normal (like I’ve ever been there before).

Good night all.  Sweet, restful dreams.


My orchid garden

In the corner of my kitchen, on top of an old sewing machine cabinet sits my orchid garden.  I love the colors, the beauties and the grace of orchids.  I’ve had one for seven years and it still blooms every one to two years and always different colors pigmentation.  I have many varieties of orchids.  I wish I could show them all, but some are out of bloom while some have set second shoots.

I think I enjoy orchids because they remind me of me.  Delicate looking but really sturdy and hard to kill.  I’ve forgotten to water these things for months and they still survive.  They are so hardy.  I think I’ve only lost one in seven years and that’s because it got dropped and the main stem broke.

So, allow me to show you my orchids.

Irridescent Blue

iridescent Blue

Irridescent Blue

iridescent Blue



Miniature Orchid

Miniature Orchid

Normal and miniature

The difference in size between a "standard" orchid and a "Miniature".

My first orchid. Seven years and still blooming strong.

My only "double" orchid. Beautiful ruffled edges.

Purple veined with a solid purple center. Stunning.


Another day, another drip.

It was chemo day today.  Joe took me so I wouldn’t be tempted to drive myself, even though I am perfectly capable of driving the short distance to the hospital.  Bad headache right now.  Strange one.  Lots of colors and pretty lights behind  my eyes, reacting to sounds and movement.  Loud buzzing in my ears, not a ringing like a bell, more an electrical wire buzz.

If I close my eyes and lean back I can envision the chemo as a purple caped avenger, plundering a white blood cell till there is nothing left to take, then “swish”, move on to defeat another.  I have to imagine that it’s doing me some good, because something that makes me feel this bad had better be good for me or I’m gonna kicks some ass somewhere.

I need a calendar.  I used to have one, but like most things that are put in my hands, it disappeared.  It will reappear later in life, rest assured.  I will stumble upon it in the most inappropriate place it could possibly be.  It’s been a pattern my entire life.  If I don’t keep strict track of things and know where things are, they are gone.  I know it’s chemo brain.  I pick something up without thinking and set it down somewhere it doesn’t belong thinking to get back to it later than I forget what I was doing and where I was so I go and eat a Twinkie and watch re-runs of Pawn Stars.

Which is where I’m going now.  Good night all.  Sleep well.

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