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Anxiously awaiting the first signs of spring

No, not the Robins, they’ve been here for a month now.  No, not the crocus flower, those have come and gone.  The daffodils and tulips, yep they are coming up, but even that doesn’t give me the clue I need to identify that spring has truly arrived in Michigan.

I’m waiting for the sign.

The “Garage Sale” sign


That wonderful harbinger of spring that silently calls treasure hunters and bargain hunters from their winter hibernation, making their palms tingle at the thought of sorting through other people’s cast offs and never useds.

I, myself, cannot physically pass up a garage sale.  I get sick to my stomach if Joe just drives past one.  It might only take me 30 seconds to scan what’s for sale and leave, but the need to scan is there.  I look for particular items when I go “saleing”

  • Yarn and craft items that I can donate to the local senior center or nursing home.  Most people will give you those items if you explain what you are doing with them.
  • Old china plates with a “blue” theme.  I’m decorating the soffit in my kitchen with plates so I’m always looking for new ones that are unique and unusual.

  • Photo frames.  Even paintings with really cool frames get repurposed.  I have lined the upstairs hallway with family photo’s.  I’ve mentioned them before, so I thought I’d show you just a few.

  • Toys for the kids who come over.  Current count is nine members of the family under the age of 10.  I like to have toys around.  Also, pool safe toys.  Keeps the younger ones occupied in the pool for longer.
  • Oil lamps.  I’m always looking for the old oil burners.  The ones with wicks.  I love using those when the power goes out.  Face it, I’m in Michigan, it goes out often.

Other than those specific items, unless it’s shiny, or unusual or different, I can scan and leave.  I’ve been known to hit 30 or more sales in an afternoon and not spend a dime.  Then again, I once bought a grandfather clock for $20.  And it worked.

So, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for that first sign, the one that tells me that spring is truly here.

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