Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

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Take me out to the Ballgame

It was a cliff hanger folks.  Detroit was up 8-4, top of the ninth.  The other team scored three runs right away.  Luckily, the third pitcher they put out was able to get the job done.

The game was good, but it would have been so much better if it wasn’t 91 in the shade with hardly any breeze.  I think I dropped five pounds in water weight alone.

The best part of the game for me was playing “remember when” with the kids during the down times in the game.  We have taken so many long vacations and just short weekend trips and have seen some strange things.  All in all it’s been a pretty good run.  I do believe the good times outweighed the bad, and you can’t beat that with a stick.


Oh, I got my once a year corn dog today.  I know they are a disgusting mix of hot dogs and corn bread, deep-fried on a stick, but I love them.  So I allow myself one a year.  It’s a treat and a reward and a gross indulgence slathered in yellow mustard.

Well, I think I’ve had way too much fun and sun today.  My head is baking.

Oh, finally have a plan for the last bedroom.  I’m not gonna give too many hints away, but watch for some serious changes.

Have a great night all.  Sleep well.

Spent the day with a wonderful old friend.

She’s actually Joe’s cousin, but my friend.  She has come to Michigan from Washington State to spend some time with friends and family and we were delighted to be able to spend the afternoon with her.

Lupe is a marvelous person with so many stories and life events that I love talking with her.  We have actually only met face to face on four occasions and each time is like we just left each other, we spend hours just talking and catching up.  Even the first time. Roll back eighteen years… Joe and I are living in a very small apartment.  Lupe, Bob and their two boys roll up in their “home”.  Yep, they lived in a motor home.  Such an adventurous spirit she contains.  She was a homesteader in Alaska, been in the Army.  Raised two small boys in the wilderness.  Grew up in Detroit.  The stories this woman tells.

And that’s not her real virtue as a friend and fellow. She asks questions of you, questions that demand multiple sentence answers.  Things like “tell me how you spend your day.  From first cup of coffee till bedtime.  Then she listens and questions your activities.  She has a knack of drawing things out of you that you didn’t know you in you, which prompts a story which prompts another funny story from one of us and another and another.  The four of us talked for three hours in the restaurant and the time just flew by.

It really is a blessing that there are some people out there that are interested in who you are, not what you have that can further their agenda.

Please make sure that you follow my blog so I can include you in the waves of white light I send out nightly.  It makes me sleep better picturing the people I care about being cloaked in white light for the evening.  That way I know they are protected.


I’ve had a strong day today

I’m excited.  I’ve actually had a good day today.

Woke up early, 6:00 early to be exact.  Haven’t napped yet.  Cleaned the dining room, living room and started the entry hall.  Then I took Oscar for a walk around the block which is just short of a mile.

All this after chemo yesterday.  Are you as amazed as I am?

Just a bit of an upset stomach this morning, but not much else.

I think I’m liking the new steroid/b-12 combo they added to my IV.  Even though the steroids have me on edge today.  I’m feeling like I need to stay away from people today.  The nurses did warn me that the   evil twin will take hold for a day or two.  I can deal with her if you all can.

I think I’ll go and rest for a while, then make turkey with smashed potatoes and gravy for dinner.  Sounds yummy.

Have a lovely day.

My house is in chaos this morning

I have furniture in my kitchen where it so does not belong.  But….

My new carpet is being installed as I’m watching.  The tacky, ugly beige Berber carpet that came with the house will be no more.  I’m so excited.  Poor Oscar doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind.  Three strange men going in and out of the house at will and I’m just sitting, doing nothing.  He keeps running up to me and staring, like I should be stopping these men from taking his stinky carpet away.

I am so impressed with these guys so far.  Very polite and fast working.  They got here right on time and within a half hour they have everything torn up and the shop vac running to make sure there is nothing under the new carpet dirt wise.

I always thought the floor under the carpet was cement, but it’s actually peel and stick tile, and from the looks of it, several different boxes and colors were used.











Now that I’m looking at the size of the room, I’m thinking of turning this space into a “game room”.  I can see a pool table in here, with a race track that drops from the ceiling and a couple of pinball machines, a video game in the corner.  Yep, this room could rock as a game room.

Neon signs on the walls, door leading out to the deck and the pool.  I would take the table out of the breakfast nook and put some cozy chairs in here, get rid of the white picket fence between the rooms, I can see it now.  The perfect “Man cave”, adapted by a woman.  Now I can order my new blinds and curtains for the room.  I get to lose the dark blue mini blinds that were installed by the old owner and put some bright white ones in.  I wish I could resurface the brick fireplace wall with river rock.  It would add such a dimension to the room.

It looks so nice and  they’ve only just started to lay it down.  One nice big piece so there are no seams to deal with.

They are finished, the furniture moved back in and the room looks amazing.  I think we need to lose the paintings on the walls though.  I’m thinking of going with old sepia prints in old wood frames.  If I have to deal with paneling, I might as well make it work for me.  Now I have  to decide if I want to run errands for a while or just sit and enjoy my new carpet.

I know, I’ll run errands for a couple of hours then come home and nap.  It’s still early enough to sneak in a pedicure and some shopping before I crash for the day.

Have a marvelous week everyone.

Another whirlwind weekend wizzes past.

It’s been a beautiful weekend thus far.  Last night Joe and I went to the Whitney for dinner.  Dinner was excellent, but I was a tad uncomfortable.  You see, there was a wedding reception taking place last night, so most of the evening was spent with flashes going off outside our dining room door from the photographer.  Lots of gathering and raised joyous voices in the vestibule.  I was expecting the gentle sounds of the piano player playing softly in the background and muted conversation.  Not a DJ introducing the next Mr. and Mrs. so and so.  And then witnessing the grand procession down the stairs into the entryway, complete with introductions and photos.

Just not the quiet dinner I envisioned, but I had a wonderful time anyway.  I did get to see some large women in crazy tight dresses and some shoes that Lady GaGa would kill for.  Why is it that large bottomed women think we want to see them in skin-tight, so short we can see your business, skirts and dresses is beyond me.

C and L came by with the kids this morning.  It’s always wonderful to see them.  I get such joy in my heart just sitting and watching them play.  And the way they naturally cuddle and touch is amazing.  We were laying on the kitchen floor, printing coloring pictures from my computer, and they were both snuggled up next to me.  Isla smells like heaven and is such a girly girl.  And Harper is just becoming such a little man.  He talks like a much older child.  His comprehension is so far beyond his four years.  I’m so in awe of them and the power they have over me.

Harper asked me today why I was sick and when I was gonna get better.  I just told him that I didn’t know why and didn’t know when, but I was working really hard at getting better.  He just said OK and went back to coloring.  A little while later he looked up and said, “just don’t get too sick on me, OK.”  I’m so in love with him.

Just hanging out playing cards with M now.  He’ll take off soon to go home and another weekend will come to a close.  The weeks take so long and the weekends just fly past.

I dread Tuesday more and more with every passing moment.  I don’t want to restart chemo.  I feel so healthy.  I think I’m off for a bath and an early bedtime.  Have a blessed evening everyone.

Well rested – finally

I think I’ve finally gotten all parts at peace.  For the second day in a row I went to sleep early and slept late, and I’m talking 11:00 late.  I’m super excited about this trip, so I’m resting up for a long flight.  I so can’t wait.  This cruise is just what I need to harness body, mind and soul back together.

Off to finish packing.


And to all, a good night.

Christmas eve, 2011.  All is calm.  After a remarkably unstressful day full of family and food and connections I’m ready to call it a night.

The whole family was here today.  Everyone who is special in my life was here and Joe masterfully captured it all with the camera.  It was a great day.  I got to cuddle with my granddaughter (who knows she owns me) and play hide and seek with my grandson (who also rules my world, but isn’t as blatant about it).  Made a rocking dinner and watched it disappear.

I do believe that everyone liked their gifts, at least I hope they did.  I am madly in love with everything from the ermine jacket (It so rocks) to the hand painted jars (perfect for my work table) and the tools!!  I love tools, I can’t wait to see what direction these take me.   And still we have tomorrow.

But, we all know it’s not the gifts, but the thoughts put behind them.  Peace and love to you all this holiday.  Be safe, don’t drink and drive, and be good to your kids, they love you warts and all.

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