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Had my favorite meal for dinner and I’m stuffed.

Made Beef Stroganoff for dinner, used up the leftover prime rib from the other night.  Turned out soooo good, I ate way too much.   No other meal combines all of my favorite things on one plate.  I mean it has beef, noodles, fresh mushrooms, onions, butter and sour cream.  It’s so easy, so good and it has sour cream :).

I use fresh mushrooms instead of canned ever since I read this.  I’m not saying it’s true or not, but since I’ve read it, I can’t even look at a can of mushrooms.  I’ve noticed that since I was diagnosed in 2006 that my shopping and eating habits have changed.  I hardly ever go up and down the isles anymore.  I stick to the outside perimeter of the store where the freshies hang out.

Before cancer, I thought more of convenience rather than content.  I worked long hours and needed to get things on the table quickly once I got home.  Pre-packaged was so much easier.  Frozen even better.  Microwaves were miracles, and an oven with a self-starting timer was a godsend.

Then I got sick and started to read.  ingredients in canned goods and boxed items.  Then I would look at the ingredients online to find out exactly what Disodium Inosinate was and how it could affect me in the future.   Books on how your body processes sugars and starches.  What you should eat and what you should avoid.  Studies on what is “legally allowed” and the amount of what is allowed make me throw up a little in the back of my mouth.  I have a list of things I’ll never buy again.  Any canned vegetable, fruit, jams, jellies or pie fillings are out.  Beans in any canned form,  I’ll buy them dry and boil them like they used to.  Any of the dehydrated boxed side dishes.  The last time I bought Rice ‘O Roni (Joes’ old favorite salt bomb), I worked so hard to brown the noodles, then I added the water and the seasoning and all these dried bug body parts floated to the top.  I was so grossed out I never bought another box of that crap.

 My favorites books are:

What to eat when you have cancer.

Maureen Keane (Author), Daniella Chace (Author)

Cancer and cancer treatment take a toll on your body, but you can help make cancer treatment more effective and reduce its unpleasant side effects with good nutrition. What to Eat if You Have Cancer presents the best foods to fight cancer and suggests ways to keep your body strong–knowledge you need to take control of your health.

A vital resource for cancer patients, this revised edition contains new recipes, new menus, and the latest research on cancer and nutrition.

The What to Eat if You Have Cancer Cookbook [Paperback]

Daniella Chace (Author), Maureen Keane (Author)

Features more than 100 easy-to-prepare recipes that meet the unique dietary needs of cancer patients.

I’ve read others, but I keep coming back to those two.

It’s getting late and I’m getting tired.  Do your homework folks, know what you are putting into your bodies.  Don’t just read the box, you send me any recipe off a box you like and I will send you one that is healthier and cheaper and will taste better.

Sleep the sleep of the charmed ones all, for you truly are charmed.

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