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You would have almost thought I planned this,

My body is so tired from this last round of Chemo (this past Thursday) that I have absolutely no energy to do anything except sleep.  And Oscar and I are getting to be pro’s at that.

I got up late this morning with the random panicked thought that I had so much cleaning to do today and I’ve been slacking off by sleeping all day.  Then I looked around.  My house is clean.  Laundry is caught up, sheets changed, floors washed.  Almost like I had foreseen getting chemo and got my work done ahead of time.  Didn’t even think about it, just got it done.

I did take Os out and get his nails done today.  Those little meat hooks were getting painful.  Also ran to the bank, which means… I drove again today.  Second time since January really.  Just not comfortable with other drivers.  They make jerky movements and startle me.  I’m getting better at it though.

Off to get lunch and take another nap.  I think I may need a B-12 shot.  I think I’ll call my oncologist to see if I can schedule one.  Have a great day all.

Dodged another bullet today.

Went to see the oncologist and didn’t have to have Chemo.  Yeah!!!  Talked to him about the chemo I’m on and how much better I’m feeling now that I’m off it and can we change anything up so I feel better for longer periods of time.  He agreed that I look good and healthy and even  though he wants to continue the chemo, he’s willing to try a new drug called Tarseva.  Now I’m reading about it and it’s looking pretty good.  You take it in a pill form on an empty stomach (not a fan of that method of delivery, but I’ll try it.  Now the doctor mentioned a rash (like acne) and diarrhea.  He neglected to mention the thirty or so other side effects that could, in fact, make me feel worse than the IV chemo I’m getting now.

OK, so in exchange for getting an injection once every three weeks, where I know how I’m going to feel, the only option is a pill I take every day on an empty stomach and I’ll basically feel the same (like shit), just with big oozing zits on my face, neck and chest.  I think I’ll take a pass on this one and stick to the IV.  At least I bought another two weeks of no Chemo.  Finally get to go to the Whitney and enjoy myself with cocktails and everything.  I  finally get to go to the ghost bar.

It’s getting late and I need to get something to eat.  Have a great night all.

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