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There was a smell in my kitchen this morning

Not a particularly foul smell, just an unpleasant odor that I knew would drive me nuts until I located it.

First thing, cleaned the refrigerator, wiped down shelves and drawers, found nothing.  On to the garbage cans.  Emptied them both and still couldn’t find the smell.   Ran the dishwasher with white vinegar to kill odors and used some Ping in the disposal.  The smell still remained.

After a short coffee break, I tackled the cupboards thinking that something might have been put in one on accident.  Two hours later, I found a ton of stuff I’d been looking for, my shelves are organized, but still can’t locate the smell.

So I turn to the pantry.  The haven of the boxed, bagged and canned goods.  The paper products and the baking supplies.  I can’t imagine what could be in there, but it’s the last place to look and I’m getting frustrated.  So into the pantry I tear.  Top two shelves, straightened, wiped and no smells.  Third shelf, found a suspicious box of raisins, but don’t think this is it.  Shelves four and five contain canned goods and instant mashed potatoes, but no smell.

The last shelf, I knew, was also going to yield not much of a “smellable” nature.  Mostly kitchen tools that don’t get used much like slicers and mixers.  Got the shelf out and cleaned, as I bent down to line the shelf back up on the rollers, I found the smell.  A rotten potato had fallen all the way to the bottom of the pantry and below the bottom drawer.  That smell alone is enough to make me not eat a potato for quite a while.

I guess I have to look on the bright side.  I’ve gotten my spring cleaning done in the kitchen already.  I wiped everything down, so I’m ahead of the game.

OK, I’m off to try to sleep again.  I’ve been up reading for the past 2.5 hours and thought I’d check my e-mails.  I so hate not being able to sleep.

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