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Things are changing for the better around here!

I finally got my new blinds for the kitchen and living room. When we bought the house six years ago I wanted to replace the dark blue mini blinds that were in all the windows. Yep, dark blue, aluminum, mini blinds. How retro 60’s can you get?  There was always something else that needed to be done first and then you don’t notice them anymore, then one day, you wake up and your hubby has them started for you.  Out of the blue (get it, blue blinds?)

These were so dark that we rarely used them.  You have to imagine six windows with the same blinds on them.  It was like a cave even in full daylight.

Now my windows are so bright and pretty.  Joe has worked very hard to get these put up.  Of course none of the windows are a  standard size and at least three of the packages were defective which increases the frustration factor, turning what should be changing blinds into a four trips to three different stores to find everything needed to hang these.  Now I need to get some material to make some curtains to compliment the new blinds.  What a major improvement.

And I have some new photo’s to add to my Orchid gallery.  Joe brought me home the most beautiful tropical peach colored orchid and two that I thought were finished for the season managed to send off some new blooms just to cheer me up.

I always love it when they surprise me.  I was almost ready to cut the stems back to see if I could force them into blooming one more time.  No force required however, this morning the three plants in the last three photo’s produced blooms on what I would have sworn were dead cane.  Just goes to show ya, it ain’t over till it’s dead and brown and curled up.

I am feeling somewhat puny today.  After spending yesterday with friends I’m kinda worn down.  I did manage to rearrange the living room and vacuum the carpet.  Tomorrow is the kitchen, dining room, family room and entryway.  Monday starts the upstairs again.  It’s a vicious cycle, this housecleaning crap is.  When I signed up to be a wife, where was all the small print with the cleaning on it?  I really want one of those Roomba thingies that vacuum your floors for you.  I have a mix of hardwood, ceramic and carpet so I don’t know if it would confuse it too much or what.  It would probably drive Oscar mad and have him chasing it all over the house, but that would save me from walking him, so bonus again.

Oscar is loving being outside all day.  He protects the yard from the evil squirrel monsters that invade his mommies bird feeders.  If I look at him, from anywhere in the house, and whisper “wanna go to work?”,  he will spring up and run to the back door, his whole body quivering waiting for me to open the door so he can chase the squirrels.  Now of course, as soon as the squirrel hears the door open he’s halfway gone so never a worry about Oscar actually catching anything.  He just knows his job and he loves doing it.  Now, the way I have the living room set up, he stands on his hind paws and watches outside for the evil monsters and he will let me know when he spots one.  I just love watching him in “attack” mode.  This little bitty thing thinks he can bust a move on a big ole’ squirrel.  Gotta admire the spunk.

OK, I’ve prattled enough for three people tonight.  Thanks for getting this far, if you have.  Sleep well.

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