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Fresh made Raspberry Lemonade, a pot of split pea soup

How much better could a Monday be?

Yesterday Mel and I  drove out to Armada for the 10th annual Lavender festival that took place this past weekend.  We had a great time.   Didn’t really know what to expect.  It was going to be what it was going to be so we couldn’t be disappointed.  We just decided to go and if we didn’t like it, we’d do something else.

It was a beautiful drive out there.  It reminded me of driving up north.  Lots of farm land and trees.  Very picturesque.  The festival was what it was.  Lavender, lots of lavender.  Soaps, oils, dog food, teas, sleep aids.  All made from lavender.  And tons of dried and fresh lavender everywhere.  We took our time and walked around to all the booths.  We smelled and touched and sampled.  There were even a couple of vendors with homespun yarn.  Alpaca and lamb.  Beautiful yarn, beautiful worked goods, makes me itch like I was covered in fire ants.  My fingers were tingling just from fondling the yarn.

As we were leaving, Mel suggested that we hit the “you pick” raspberry portion of the farm.  So we drove to the back of the orchard (which was massive BTW) to the raspberry patch and spent some time in the sun, talking and picking berries.  It was nice.

When I got home, I discovered much to my chagrin, that I had forgotten that I had invited my mother to visit yesterday.  Good thing she understands that I suffer from “chronic acute Cerebrum flatulentia*”.  She just hung out till I got home and left this afternoon.

When she left I went foraging through the fridge for something to munch on and I came across a rather forlorn remnant of a ham and a bag of carrot that have almost seen better days.  Turning to the pantry, I pulled out three potatoes, an onion and a bag of dried split peas (something I always have on hand), and made soup.  A bay leaf and some spices later it’s simmering and making the house smell good.  Maybe I’ll throw together a batch of bread to go with that soup.  That sounds yummy.  I’m off to mix up some bread dough.  Maybe a rosemary/olive oil loaf.

I’m inspired.

The results are in.

Due to the extensive radiation I’ve had done to my neck and throat, my thyroid had stopped working, so it looks like Synthroid is the latest addition to my orchestra.  That harmonious mixture of pharmacological wonders that keep this fine tuned machine running like it’s not supposed to.  Honest to the gods I swear I only have two or three more viable parts they can remove without shutting the whole system down.  It’s like taking apart a bike and having a few pieces left over.  Must have not needed them anyway.

Question for the ether, How does one go about meeting people to form friendships?  Before I got sick I had lots of friends.  I had work friends, and after work friends and combination of both kind of friends.  During my illness and my recovery, my friends thinned out.  At first it was a small number of not returned calls and cancelled plans.  As I got sicker, the friends got thinner.  I’m not blaming them.  I’m sure I wasn’t much to be around back then.  Still had some die-hard friends though.  Now that it’s going on six years even the die-hard friends have gone on living their own lives.  Work, kids, commitments, they all just carry on.  I know I’m also to blame.  For a long while, I didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything.  I had no strength, I was sick.  Now t hat I’m getting better again, I’m looking to do things with friends, I look around and I really don’t have any.

I have my husband whom I love and who would do anything, go anywhere with me, but who is not female.  Sometimes you need girl talk.  There is a lavender festival in Armada this weekend and I’d love some girl time in a good smelling place, but I don’t know anyone else who would enjoy it that lives close enough to enjoy it with.

OK, enough pity party.  I’m off to work on my crap room for a while.  I can put in about an hour a day and it still looks like I haven’t done shit in there.  It will get better.  I am taking pictures this time so I have before and after.  I can see it finished in my mind’s eye and it’s pretty.  I hope it turns out that nice in reality.

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