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Just took my first glass blowing class, I’m hooked

I’ve always known that hot glass and I were meant to be.  I’ve been a pyro for as long as I could remember.  I was always the one who could get the fire going the fastest, who’s coals burned hotter and longer.

I guess it helps that I’m a Leo.  A fire sign for sure.

Anyway, this amazing place called The Glass Academy In Dearborn, held a “sample” class today.  We each got to blow a bubble on a blow pipe (one lung here did better than expected on that one). And we got to make a paper weight that I get to pick up next week.  Controlling that amount of hot glass is incredible.  I would encourage every lampworker to take a blowing sample class.  I really got a feel for how boro works when it’s amazingly hot.  I was amazed at how stiff it was even at over 1200 degrees.  I did love plunging in the pliers and twisting and creating the core.  And since Karen and I were both experienced with warm glass they really let us handle the pipes more than the other people.  For example, the instructor would take the punty from them to reheat the gather.  He would let Karen and I do it ourselves.  It really was a fabulous experience and I’m so glad I took the opportunity.  I almost passed it up.

Sometimes the Gods spam you for a reason.

Some quick photo’s then off to sleepy.

My Bubble









Thanks again to everyone at Glass Academy for making my day memorable.  You’ll probably see me again.

Staring at my work area and asking myself

Why?  Why do I have all this beautiful glass and not a clue what to do with it.  When I started doing Lampwork, I went to a lot of classes and watched tutorials and bought books and copied techniques until I could replicate (or approximate) any technique.  I was so excited to learn and try new colors and techniques.

Then I got sick and for 4 years the glass sat and gathered dust.

I think my muse got just as dusty.

I now have hours that I can spend on my torch every day and I find excuses not to.  I look at all the colors of glass and I don’t have a clue what goes together anymore.  I’ve lost my “feel” for the glass.

I think I’m creatively stumped and I don’t know how to get over it.

I think I’ll go take a nap.

Wow, totally lost Monday

Was kind of in a fog yesterday. Went to the Radiation oncologist for my first appointment. The good news is that they are going to wait till after my second chemo round to see if the cancer cells are shrinking without radiation. If they are, Party, if not, radiate. Radiation will be hard this time. They will be shooting around my vocal cords thus rendering me speechless for several months. Doc told me that my throat will be sore for at least 6 months after ending radiation, possibly a year. Not scratchy sore like a cold, but like you’ve been hit in the neck with a tire iron sore. Kinda like now, but worse. Swallowing will be a concentrating experience. No saliva either. Plus the fact that they might have to overlap radiation fields from last time, which is bad. Your cells can only take so much radiation before they stop holding together and lesions form.

So, Lucky me 🙂 I get to maybe miss all that. I’m guessing it’s because the cells are so widespread and there is no direct tumor to radiate that they are going to wait and see.

oncologist today at 3:00. Really have no idea what is in store for me there. It’s all kind of hurry up and rush to get there, but really don’t know why you’re there at all. I will find out today though. I have my list of questions ready. I know what drugs I’m getting, I’ve done my homework. I’m ready for this. Did put a shout out to my LE friends for cards, letters, things to read, funnies. Anything to pass the time. Same goes for here. I need all the cheer I can get. I’ve got my journal ready and everything will get printed and put in. That way I can read and re-read while I sit.
On a lighter note, I did get torch time yesterday. I just excused myself and went downstairs and fired up. Made some really pretty vessels. I think I’m going to fire up again. Mom’s still sleeping and Joe’s at work. I’m finding that vessels are a great way to use up single rods of glass. Not enough to make a set, make a big ole’ hollow vessel.

Hollow lampwork vessel.


Think of me today at 3:00. Send a flash of white light.

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