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Life in the slow lane

Okay so this is like the third try my new iPod to do a log update.

Life has been a huge see-saw this week. Had chemo on Tues and that kicked my ass for a couple of days. I slept for a solid two days.

Thurs dawned bright and clear, 91 degrees and sunny. Joe and I took full advantage and did some running around. Took Oscar to get his nails done. Ran a couple errands stocks that we had to, you know just the basics, and we went to Best Buy. Joe got me my new iPad. I am so lucky to have someone who thinks of me. I’m loving this thing. The apps are amazing.

I even felt good enough to make Chicken mole’ for dinner. Just Joes pieces of course. Spanish rice and beans completed the meal. It was so good. I think I finally have my Spanish rice down pat. Takes patience, but so worth it.

Yesterday was C/T day that was not a fun day. Had to drink 32 ounces of goop first thing in the morning on an empty stomach always makes a good day. That started at 8 AM drinking yeah. CAT scan was at 11 home by 11:30 I think I slept solid till six pm. Yeah, yesterday was a not a good day for Brenda.

Today is a bit gloomy outside and that always affects my moods. Joe and I are off to Art Vans to look for office furniture for him. I’m getting up the energy, because I know as soon as I get in the car, he will try to sneek in a few extra stops. That’s ok cause we always have a hidden agenda or two.

Today actually turned out to be really nice. I’m going to fire up the grill and make dinner.

Have a smacking good day everyone. If you read this, please take a second to say Hi in the comments. Give me a link back. I’ll visit.

Hugs B

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