Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

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I’ve got to be sick….

When mom keeps asking about the dog whimpering and then realizes its me. This is the worst I’ve felt in years. Stomach flu is nothing to play with. I’ve spent all day in bed, passed out cold, when I wasn’t running for the bathroom or grabbing for the trash can. It’s going to be almost impossible for me to take my meds tonight. I don’t know how that’s going to work. If I can’t keep water down how am I going to keep 10 pills down? I haven’t eaten for two days so I feel weak as a kitten. I did manage some tea and toast earlier and it did stay down.

I would love to take a shower but I don’t know if I have the strength to stand that long. I’d rather take a hot bath, but the deer head in the tub prevents that from happening.

Did have a bit of good luck this week. Turned over an apartment in two days. That’s handling the lady moving out, cleaning, changing locks, posting on the internet, setting up interviews, checking references and signing a lease. Joe supervised arranging the handyman and scheduling interviews all in four days (I did do the paperwork part). I even increased the rental price by 100 over what Joe wanted to charge. I figured if you price for the customer you want, you get the quality of customer you desire.

It’s getting late, I’m off to change the sheets and go back to bed. Good health to all.

Here for the amusement of the Gods

I swear that’s all I’m here for anymore.  To keep them entertained.  They gave me four wonderful days last week.  Then struck me down this week with three days of sleeping and feeling all around crappy.  I’m so cold right now.  Deep into the bone cold.  The kind of cold that only chemo patients know.

Nothing in the house is getting done.  The laundry is piling up, Joe ran the vacuum today for me.  I didn’t even wake up till 11:30 this morning and have slept all day in my chair.  I’d rather sleep in the bed, but then Oscar couldn’t snuggle with me.  I do wish he was less Jack Russell and more Chi in the way he cuddles.  It has to be on his terms.  He’d rather sit alone on the stairs than to spend time with humans.  When he needs us, he knows where we are.  There are days when I really miss Mo.  Sure he was a nippy little shit, but he loved me.  He was a cuddle bum.  Anywhere, anytime.  If you sat down, he was in your lap, smiling like he’d just won the Irish lottery.  If I wouldn’t have been so sick at the time, I would have fought harder to keep him.  At the time, I felt that I had done all I could, I knew he was a great little dog for the right people.  I just can’t stand the fact that after a year, he is still in a foster home waiting adoption.  About once a month I check and my heart tears a little more when I see he’s still out there, waiting for a forever home.   I should have kept him.  I’m such a dumbass sometimes.

Well, I can tell I’m not feeling well.  I’m getting all maudlin about a dog I gave up, but man, I still miss that little face.

I think I’m going to get some toast and jam then take a hot bath.  I’m almost ready to call it a night (day/night).  My spine hurts so bad.  I sit with tears running down my face most days.  I can’t stop them.  I just deal with them.

Good night everyone, may the stars shine down brightly wherever you are.


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