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Twinkies, Twizzlers, heat registers and …

So, Twinkies, which were supposed to survive nuclear holocaust, died 3 weeks before the end of the world.  (Well played Mayans, well-played).  And just this afternoon I heard that a Mexican corporation is looking to buy them out and put Hostess back on the shelves.  Can you imagine, Americas greatest snack food manufacturer in the hands of the people who some people are trying to keep out of the country.  I hope Hostess sells, and when they do, I hope they don’t sell in Arizona.

Speaking of things that are yummy, lets talk about Twizzlers, you know, the twisted red licorice whips that have been around forever.,   What an unexpected treat.  I’ve never eaten them before.  Well I’ve tried them and they were always hard and stale.  After trying to chew them for thirty minutes I would excuse myself and spit it out somewhere.  So I stopped trying them.  It’s been about  twenty-five years since I’ve had any.  I tried some the other day and I am over the moon.  I don’t know if  they changed the recipe or what, but what sweet softness they have achieved.  The Strawberry Twizzlers are a personal favorite with Cherry running a close second.  I love the fact that you can peel them like string cheese.  Adds loads of fun to the mix.

The other morning (and this morning) Oscar has woke me up at 2:15 to go potty.  Now if he can’t make it through the night and is willing to risk waking me up, then he’s gotta go bad.   So I put on my bathrobe (in case mom is up) and make my way quietly in the dark, down the stairs, through the entry and kitchen to the back door.   It occurs to me that it is freezing in the house.  After I let Oz out, I check the furnace, it’s working fine, just got really cold outside.  I crank it up a degree or two and it kicks on.  Then the child in me took over.  I stood over the heat register and let the warm air fill my bathrobe.  Reminded me of being a kid and waiting for the bathroom and trying to stay warm.  My feet were so toasty, I didn’t even mind waiting for Oscar to finish.

Working on my Christmas cards and my shopping.  I’m so almost done with shopping.  Thank the stars for catalogs.  I can order everything online, not pay shipping and have it delivered.  What could be better.  I don’t have to face the crowds and their germs and risk catching another funky disease that levels me for weeks.  The most fun I have is finding a book for everyone.  I search the internet and catalogs, I listen in to conversations and pay attention to what my family is doing and try to find books that will entertain and enlighten and stir the imagination.

I’m off to finish cleaning out my craft room and making it ready to be an actual bedroom.  We thought we were going to have more people staying the night for Thanksgiving, so in order to accommodate everyone, I figured I’d get off my fat duff and finish cleaning out this room.  This is the place where all my craft crap ended up before I started moving to the basement.  I now have two places for all my junk.  I’m sorting out the stuff I can’t physically do anymore, like the counted cross stitch, and the needlepoint.  I just can’t see to do them any more.

OK, back to work for me.  Have a lovely Sabbath everyone.  Peace, joy and harmony be with you this week.

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