Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

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Bad dreams and other things

Dreamt of clowns and balloons and scary places last night.  Woke up this morning with a headache and a sore shoulder.  I guess I slept on my arm wrong.  I hate that.  I also hate when my ear folds over in my sleep and I wake up with a crease in my ear.  Mucho painful.

I think I’ve finally tamed the furnace monster in the house.  Thanks to Joe for putting in a programmable thermostat I’m able to better maintain a constant heat in the house.  I haven’t had night sweats in two nights and I haven’t had to use a comforter in the living room.  Good things.  And socks are now an option, not mandatory.

So, did my first real “bead” show in quite a few years yesterday.  Got to meet a lot of the Guild ladies from GlassAct.  It’s strange putting faces to names on the computer.  I’ve known some of these ladies for years,  just never met them.  I hope I did well.  I shared a table with the guild so I’m waiting for a tally from the treasurer.  I know some things sold, just not sure how many.  I was really surprised by how many people I met said that they read this.  If you’re reading this, HI!  It was great to meet you finally.  Feel free to leave comments, ask questions or just pick on me.

Actually cooked dinner tonight.  Sweet Potato, carrot and turnip soup, Lemon pepper cod (oven fried), and green beans.  I need to make more soups now that fall is here.  I love squash soup.  All the yummy fall root veggies.  I wish that the tomatoes had had a better season this year.  I usually buy a bushel and can them for the winter.  I can’t  justify spending what the growers are asking for them this year.  And they are small and mealy.

I can’t believe that it’s almost Halloween already.  Oh, but I am looking forward to Sunday.  We are meeting C & L and the grands, with M and making an afternoon of a cider mill.  Yeah, photo-op.  I really miss the kids.  I so wish they lived closer.  I know, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.  I can’t help it though.  I look at the pictures on FB and just want to run down there and hug them up.

Ok, enough maudlin for tonight.  I need to put in some time in the “crap” room upstairs.  I have so much stuff to get rid of and no idea how or where to offer it.  Have a safe and comfortable evening everyone.

Happy Samhain

Tis the eve of all hallows and the time of ghosties and goblins and beasties that go bump in the night.  I’ve seen kitties and princesses, hobo’s and clowns and there was one particularly ugly witch that hit the porch early. 

Chemo again tomorrow.  Not looking especially forward to it, but it’s not all bad.  Debating on the merits of continuing to pump poison into my system when it is unnecessary.  Even my oncologist admitted that it wasn’t necessary.  Do I want to take a chance on a roll of the dice?  Am I that much of a gambler?

Oscar and I are watching the door for beggars.  I sit on the couch and when someone approaches the porch he’ll blow air out his nose (like a sneeze, but just air) in a puffing sound.  He’s so polite.

I went shopping today and found my “everyday” boots for this winter.  I hate wearing tennis shoes, but seem to wear them all the time.  With short boots I can wear them with dresses or jeans and still be comfortable and look dressy.  Tennis shoes just look frumpy.   And I found the cutest red plaid winter coat.  Went through the closet and got rid of a bunch of coats that are way too big for me now. 

I still have a ton of clothes from the 80’s that I’m looking to donate to a school or theatre group for costumes.  If anyone knows anyone looking for “vintage” large womans clothes, let me know.  I’d be happy to donate them.

Well, it looks like foot traffic has wound down for the night.  I’m about to call it an evening.  I’m almost finished knitting my latest creation.  I really need to photograph and list this stuff in my etsy shop.  Too much like work when you could be making something instead.

Have a safe and happy evening all.

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