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Visits from friends, spiffy new tat and room with a view.

It’s been an amazing week so far.  The bedroom is shaping up nicely.  Got the two coats of primer up and the room looks like a different place already.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The sunlight coming through the windows is beautiful hitting the white primer.  So different from that dingy, unfinished space that was there before.  Primer coat is complete, ceiling is done with two coats of ceiling white (I wanted to use fairy silver, but Joe didn’t like it, so white it is).  I can’t wait to start putting the green on the walls.  It’s going to be so bright and vibrant.  I’m really thinking of doing the trim work in yellow, but that might be too much with two doors and two windows.  I’m talking lemon yellow here, to accent the bright green of the walls.

The other day we got a visit from Tio and Mary.  They brought me over a box

of beautiful teacups and saucers that had belonged to their daughter L.  L passed suddenly last year and we all miss her terribly.  I’m going to have to find a place to display them properly.  Aren’t they amazing?  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I, of course, had to show her my china tea set. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Mine are Faerie sized.  It am touched that she thought of me for the tea cups though.  They are such special friends.

Back in  October, I got my latest tattoo.  My gecko.  You may have noticed that he kind of disappeared from conversation.  That’s because when I was in the hospital last, my blood infection spread to my tattoo and turned it gross.  The head broke off in four places, the front foot slid under the belly of the beastie, most of the colors faded to shades I’m not sure of.  It ended up looking like this.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Yesterday, Joe took me back to Chroma Tattoo where I had it done the first time.  Jason rocked.  He took one look and said he could fix it and fix it he did.  It looks amazing again.  I’m not jinxing it by showing it early again.  Once it heals, I’ll show it.  Joe was so impressed with Jason’s room in the studio that he actually offered Jason “Joe Bacon”. “Joe Bacon” is a mounted boars head that we have had around the house forever.  Joe got it at a garage sale somewhere and hung it in our old house.  In this house, there is no room for an ugly ass boar head so he get’s moved from room to room.  I’ve threatened to throw him out several times.  Joe and Jason hit it off and Joe offered it to Jason and now it’s gone from my home forever.  I hope he gets tons of attention where he’s at, he sure didn’t get it here.

I’m about a quarter of the way through the dollhouse.  Not far enought yet to take pictures, just far enough to start being confused by the instructions.

Have a great day everyone.  I’m off to take a nap.  Mom is watching her “programs” for the afternoon and I’m barely keeping the peepers open.

the house is as quiet as a mouse

The house is suddenly, stunningly quiet. the last gifts given, the kids and the grands are packed and gone. Just me, mom and Joe to sit and stare at each other and marvel that for 24 hours, we had home and family surrounding us with joy and laughter. I love the sound of Harpers squeals of joy when he scores big on “Cow Racing”. Yep Ann, you got us hooked on abusing bovines for sport and pleasure. I hope the books I chose were well recieved. I search each year for the right books to match the right players, Dinner was simple and easy and well eaten all around. Just the family this year. Did I get what I wanted for Christmas? Yes, and then my cup runneth over. I got popsicle in my hair and played screaming hide and seek (just like regular, but you scream when found. Why do I teach them these things?) Lots of hugs and healing strength from the kids and just outpouring of love from the grands. Man, there is nothing like an Isla nuzzle to get you out of a funk. We are so very lucky to be blessed with such loving caring family.

And I’m so proud to be a part of Lampwork etc. A group of caring individuals who happen to love melting glass as much as I do. Every year we collect names and addresses of people who need some Holiday Joy. I signed my MIL up this year, since dad passed, she’s been dimming a bit The cards she received covered the stretch of my 10 ft mantle and I still ended up standing throughout the room. She is giggling like a little girl and telling our guests what a wonderful “family” I have on the internet. I like seeing the spring back in her step.

Harper got to see the Golden hawk that has been terrorizing our neighborhood since summer. He’s a big ole thing that loves to steal cats and small dogs from peoples yards. In the summer it’s “have you see my cat”? In winter, it’s the dogs.

Well i’m hungry and tired and ready to nap for awhile. I give them all 100%, Then I owe the bank some sleep time. Have a grand and glorious weekend everyone.

My orchid garden

In the corner of my kitchen, on top of an old sewing machine cabinet sits my orchid garden.  I love the colors, the beauties and the grace of orchids.  I’ve had one for seven years and it still blooms every one to two years and always different colors pigmentation.  I have many varieties of orchids.  I wish I could show them all, but some are out of bloom while some have set second shoots.

I think I enjoy orchids because they remind me of me.  Delicate looking but really sturdy and hard to kill.  I’ve forgotten to water these things for months and they still survive.  They are so hardy.  I think I’ve only lost one in seven years and that’s because it got dropped and the main stem broke.

So, allow me to show you my orchids.

Irridescent Blue

iridescent Blue

Irridescent Blue

iridescent Blue



Miniature Orchid

Miniature Orchid

Normal and miniature

The difference in size between a "standard" orchid and a "Miniature".

My first orchid. Seven years and still blooming strong.

My only "double" orchid. Beautiful ruffled edges.

Purple veined with a solid purple center. Stunning.


Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Joe surprised me this morning by hiding little presents and candy all over the house.  He’s such a sweetie.  Made me go on a treasure hunt first thing in the morning.  I now have enough chocolate to gain at least 10 lbs.  I think that was his master plan.  He then took me to Max and Erma’s for dinner.  He’s such a wonderful husband.  I’m one lucky wife.

Once again, I spent the whole day accomplishing nothing at all.  I did make a semi life altering decision today and If I follow through with it, I will share, but for right now it is in the “kernel of an idea” stage and I need to let it develop naturally.

I have been having fun at Kohl’s expense lately.  I’ve been wanting to  buy some new bras for some time.  My shape has changed so much over the past two years that finding a comfortable, good fitting bra has become a priority.  In the past I’ve bought bras, tried them on at the store, Loved them, got them home, wore them, hated them, threw them in a drawer where they eventually get assimilated into the wood of the dresser, never to see the light of day again.  (Issues with keeping receipts, tags and returning goods.  More for another day)

This time, I got wise.  I purchased four bra’s.  I would wear each bra for a short period of time around the house (keeping the tags on).  If, after a couple of hours I hated them, they went back in the bag.  I would return the ones I tried and buy more to try.  It took about 6 trips but I found the perfect bra for me.  It comes in so many pretty colors and the best thing is: I wear a small.  I’ve never worn a small anything, especially bra’s.

So I wore bra’s and returned them, shoot me.  I can hear the eeewwww’s out there.  That’s why you are supposed to wash everything after you bring it home.  There is a reason your mother has always told you to do that.

Night all.

The path of ones thoughts

I was dusting the family room earlier today and came acrossed a stack of postcards and letters that had yet to be put in my journal, so I gathered my “Journey” journal and started adding to it.  One of the cards was from a very dear woman, whom shall be known as R, who sent me such words of encouragement and joy.  We started e-mailing each other on a regular basis, just keeping up on each others lives.

So, also while I was dusting I unearthed a lovely book of prose printed on handmade paper.   The title caught my eye “The language of Courage and Inner Strength”, so I took a short break from my chores and sat down to see what was in it.  The poems were lovely and very thought-provoking and I started to wonder where I had gotten this tome from.  Usually if I receive a book as a gift, I will  note somewhere who I received it from and the date.  This book, nothing.  As I continued turning pages, wracking my feeble brain in an attempt to remember where this book came from, when a little slip of paper fluttered out.  Yep, it was from R.

So it really wasn’t hard to figure out who the book from came from today.  I had shared my excitement over a book I had read about a subject we are both interested in, so she sent me a book to further my studies.  I’m excited to read it.

I’m so blessed to have friends like her in my life.  People who care about you without needing something in return.  I’m so tired of being needed.  Wanted is one thing, being needed is another matter entirely.

Oh, good subject for tomorrow.  I’m off to bed.  Blessing to you all.

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