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Just read a comment from my husband a few

posts down from here where he stated we could start looking for a puppy.  Apparently I approved it without reading it, cause I just realized what he wrote.  And won’t he be sorry.

The question that springs to my mind is:  where do you go to find a puppy.  I’ve fostered puppies before and I’m leery of puppy mill puppies, so pet shops, Craigslist and newspapers are out.  I’ve tried petfinder, but I’ve never gotten a response from any questions about pups listed there.  I know what I want, I just don’t know where to go to look.

My ideal pup is a female, under 20 lbs with med to short hair.  Low maintenance on the grooming.  A mix breed is perfect for me.  She must be sturdy (no pocket puppies) I have a JR mix that will play her ragged.

So, any ideas? 



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