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Well rested – finally

I think I’ve finally gotten all parts at peace.  For the second day in a row I went to sleep early and slept late, and I’m talking 11:00 late.  I’m super excited about this trip, so I’m resting up for a long flight.  I so can’t wait.  This cruise is just what I need to harness body, mind and soul back together.

Off to finish packing.


Merry Sabbath all

This is a day that way meant to be worshiped, however you choose to do it.  The sun is shining, the air is crisp and cold, the leaves are blowing all around.  It’s a great day to be alive!  Mary, Tito, Joe, Mom and I went to church this morning. It’s always nice to get to spend time with them on Sundays catching up. I’m so glad that mom is back down for the winter. I love having her join us for church.  The sunlight streaming through the stained glass was inspiring. The service was kind of not great, even though Fr. Tom did his best. The power was out and all he had was a karaoke machine with batteries. Not the best sound system in the world, but he made do. 

I feel so good that I’m going to ask everyone for a favor.  Tomorrow, Monday the 14th of Nov 2011, I would like for everyone to do something nice for someone else.  It doesn’t have to be life changing nice, could be holding the door open nice, giving up a parking spot nice, pay for an old persons lunch nice.  You know, down home nice.  Send a card to someone you haven’t talked to in a while, call someone, take your elderly neighbors dog for a long walk.  As long as it makes you smile inside, you did good.

Two days and I’m off to Virginia to play and learn and probably burn myself at least twice.  Just sitting here trying to figure my med schedule and how to modify to take full advantage of alertness and to minimize the zoning out times.  Can’t be eliminated, but can be controlled.  I wonder If I can still do an all nighter?  I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Joe offered this wonderful gift.  What a best friend and husband I have. 

Too many good things happening at once;  got told my cancer is gone, got given this wonderful trip, got a 6 week reprieve from treatment.  I can’t help but wait for the other shoe to drop.  Why can’t I be a glass half full type person?

  I’m off now to take Oscar for a walk (maybe I’ll grab Pookie too) then I’m going to torch for a few hours.  Work some of this excitement off.

Have a blessed day everyone.  Please don’t move any faster than your guardian angel can fly.

Remember:  Most accidents happen in the home.  I’m heading to the bar.

I’m walking on sunshine!!

 Walking on Sunshine

I have got so much to be excited for, I’m bubbling over and that song keeps playing in my head and I’m dancing!

First things first.  Went to see the oncologist on Thurs. to address some concerns about the new chemo he has me on and how it makes me feel.  Last week was not pretty in Brenda’s world.  It was so dark and stormy in here I was afraid of scaring people.  Anyway, we all agreed that a good thing to do would be to stop chemo till after the holidays.  6 weeks with no poison!!  I’m so excited!!  I can enjoy the holidays and feel GOOD for a few weeks.  Dr. Jeff couldn’t have given me a better gift.

But wait, Joe gave me an even better gift.  I’m off to Virginia Beach for a two-day class/play date with Ann Shermo.  This is really a special treat for me.  I have admired Ann’s work for years.  In fact, back in 2004 I tried so hard to get her to come to Michigan to teach a class.  I remember sitting in a bar in Louisville and fondling her beads while she (quite kindly) critiqued my raw Newbie beads.  I laughed so hard that night.  Ann is so much fun to talk to and to be around.  I’m so looking forward to this trip.  My dear, sweet hubby, Thank you for knowing what I need when I need it before I knew it.

I think I am off to torch today, can’t go to Sherms all rusty and shit stuff.

May a thousand blessings rain about you every day and may you see wonder everywhere you look.

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