Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

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the house is as quiet as a mouse

The house is suddenly, stunningly quiet. the last gifts given, the kids and the grands are packed and gone. Just me, mom and Joe to sit and stare at each other and marvel that for 24 hours, we had home and family surrounding us with joy and laughter. I love the sound of Harpers squeals of joy when he scores big on “Cow Racing”. Yep Ann, you got us hooked on abusing bovines for sport and pleasure. I hope the books I chose were well recieved. I search each year for the right books to match the right players, Dinner was simple and easy and well eaten all around. Just the family this year. Did I get what I wanted for Christmas? Yes, and then my cup runneth over. I got popsicle in my hair and played screaming hide and seek (just like regular, but you scream when found. Why do I teach them these things?) Lots of hugs and healing strength from the kids and just outpouring of love from the grands. Man, there is nothing like an Isla nuzzle to get you out of a funk. We are so very lucky to be blessed with such loving caring family.

And I’m so proud to be a part of Lampwork etc. A group of caring individuals who happen to love melting glass as much as I do. Every year we collect names and addresses of people who need some Holiday Joy. I signed my MIL up this year, since dad passed, she’s been dimming a bit The cards she received covered the stretch of my 10 ft mantle and I still ended up standing throughout the room. She is giggling like a little girl and telling our guests what a wonderful “family” I have on the internet. I like seeing the spring back in her step.

Harper got to see the Golden hawk that has been terrorizing our neighborhood since summer. He’s a big ole thing that loves to steal cats and small dogs from peoples yards. In the summer it’s “have you see my cat”? In winter, it’s the dogs.

Well i’m hungry and tired and ready to nap for awhile. I give them all 100%, Then I owe the bank some sleep time. Have a grand and glorious weekend everyone.

You would have almost thought I planned this,

My body is so tired from this last round of Chemo (this past Thursday) that I have absolutely no energy to do anything except sleep.  And Oscar and I are getting to be pro’s at that.

I got up late this morning with the random panicked thought that I had so much cleaning to do today and I’ve been slacking off by sleeping all day.  Then I looked around.  My house is clean.  Laundry is caught up, sheets changed, floors washed.  Almost like I had foreseen getting chemo and got my work done ahead of time.  Didn’t even think about it, just got it done.

I did take Os out and get his nails done today.  Those little meat hooks were getting painful.  Also ran to the bank, which means… I drove again today.  Second time since January really.  Just not comfortable with other drivers.  They make jerky movements and startle me.  I’m getting better at it though.

Off to get lunch and take another nap.  I think I may need a B-12 shot.  I think I’ll call my oncologist to see if I can schedule one.  Have a great day all.

It’s chemo day!!!

I’m so thrilled I could just shit.  The good news is that I think I only have 3 more sessions after this one.  This will be my third “maintenance” dose.  I get them every three weeks for 6 months.  I’m almost done. 

I feel so good today.  My head is clear, I have energy and strength and my spirit is in full.  I’m not looking forward to after chemo and the downer that follows.  My will is strong, but the poison is stronger.

Took Oscar for a nice long walk today.  It is absolutely beautiful outside today.  The leaves are all turning, the sky is a clear blue, the air has a bit of a crisp bite to it.  There was a huge golden hawk circling the neighborhood though and he made Os kinda nervous.  I’m sure he looked like a tasty morsel to that big ole’ bird.  Had another encounter with an untrained human and his hairy counterpart today.  During our walk, a young man was leaving his house.  His Shitzu, seeing us, bolted out the door and came running at us.  He was barking and not at all happy.  Imagine his owners surprise when I looked at the dog and in my sternest voice commanded him to sit.  And he did.  Then he relaxed and became a very personable dog.  His owner was amazed.  Apparently this dog has a history of biting strangers and other dogs.  Once I got his attention though, he knew where he belonged and behaved accordingly.  Gave the young man a few tips for training his dog and for regaining command of his home.  I think I’m going to get a client out of this.

Had someone e-mail me yesterday about placing some of my jewelry in their store in Livonia.  Not sure if they want to do consignment or purchase it outright.  I’d rather not do consignment though.  Too much of a risk of loss from theft.  Her store, let her take the risk.  It won’t hurt to hear her out though.  I think I’ll call her when I’m done here.

I have just enough time to slip a nap in before chemo if I go now.  So I’m off to nap land.  I’m not proud.  I’m 50 and I love naps. 

Have a blessed day.  Sending out waves of love, hope and strength.  Please send some back.



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