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I’ve been watching too many restaurant/hotel impossibles for my own good

Yesterday I made an afternoon of taking care of just me.  Joe helped by driving so I didn’t have too much of a panic attack but things were far from the relaxing day I was looking for.

First stop, legs waxed.  Going on a cruise, don’t want unsightly stubble.  Go into a salon that looks decent from the outside, inquired of the price and it was reasonable.  OK, let’s do this.  The young lady, who spoke no english that I could discern, led me into a back room that was, well…. let’s just say that waxing was not the primary purpose.  The room doubled as a junk depository, break room, cat litter box room.  Of course all this doesn’t register until I’m already into the process of having hairs physically removed from my body via hot wax and a small Asian woman.  By the time I finished, I wanted a shower.  I will never go into that place again.  The sad thing is that it is a salon inside a Meijers store.  I would think that they would be cleaner.

Next stop, hair cut.  I’ve been to this salon before and not had a problem.  Last night when I walked in it was a different salon.  Everything was down from the walls, you could see the dust balls hanging from the fans, the lights were turned up bright so you could see every cobweb in the place.  I hesitantly asked for a  trim since the owner saw me and had greeted me already.  While getting my trim she tells me that she sold the place and she won’t be there anymore.  That is why everything is in such a mess.  All I could think was, if you disturbed this much dust while emptying out the place, It must have been grosser than I thought.  

OK, haircut done, been to two establishments that I will never return to due to neglect.  Going for three, I entered the nail salon for a pedicure.  This salon is bright, white, clean.  OK, I think, a good, relaxing pedicure.  Wrong.  The young lady who first sits in front of me is on her phone.  Screaming into it.  For ten minutes solid.  I’m sorry, I’m there to relax and listening to you scream at someone in another language is not conducive to my peace.  She suddenly gets up, grabs her purse and runs out.  I sit for about fifteen minutes trying to figure out what just happened, the water getting cold, trying to get the attention of someone.  I finally get another pedicurist.  She is not happy to be stuck finishing someone elses customer and lets me know it by rushing through.  Well, her tip reflected her service is all I have to say.

The day did end wonderfully though.  Dinner at my favorite steakhouse with my husband.  Celebrating our 15 (25) year anniversary.

Off to pack.

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