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Taking time to enjoy my life, my way.

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about our vacations and how we love to sight see and take in the points of interest wherever we go.  Then I thought, I live near Detroit, one of the most interesting places that I’ve heard of.  So I did some research.  So far I have found 70 places in and around the city of Detroit that I want to visit.  I’m sure I’ll find more as I do more research.  I have a lifetime to do it so why not.  Some of the places I’ve been to before, but without photo’s so gotta do it again 🙂 . I’ve been chronicling our journey to the sights of Detroit on my “Things to do in 2014” page.  We have spent time the past two weeks visiting the start of the list.  It’s fun exploring your own city.  Just researching everything was so interesting. So, if you want, check out my page, leave a comment to let me know you were there.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Lately I’ve been heavily into the show “Parking Wars“.  Partly because some of it is filmed in Detroit, and you never know who you might see.  Mostly though it’s because of the people reactions to the tickets that are so much fun.  And I know if everyone was nice and said “thank you for the ticket, I was wrong”, there would be no premise for the show.  But some people are so adamant that the signs do not apply to them.  They are the special people who can tie up traffic for blocks while they run into a shop for a sammich.  Or park with their driver’s door to the curb, cause it’s easier for them.

Oh, and the people driving or walking by that have to shout comments at the guy just doing his job.  And telling him to get a job?  He’s already doing it you asshat.  I’m sure you like having people heckle you while you’re working.  You think your job sucks.  These people have to be polite while your dumb ass berates them for something you have no interest in.

I’m a firm believer that if you want to play the game, learn the rules.

People please.  If you don’t know the laws, or are traveling to another state, make yourself aware of the laws.  Michigan has a lovely little PDF file What Every Driver Must Know.  And if you are in doubt, here is a nice little practice test:  Road Sign Practice Test

Parking Violations
Communities may pass parking ordinances for local streets that are stricter than state law. Signs will be posted at the city limits.  The owner of a vehicle parked illegally is responsible for any parking tickets. If the vehicle is being leased, the person leasing it is responsible. The following is a partial list of “no parking laws.”

Never Park:

  •  Where “no stopping,” “no standing,” “no parking,” and “no parking at any time” signs are posted.
  •  Within 500 feet of a fire or a crash.
  •  In a space reserved for the disabled, unless you are properly using a disability license plate or placard.
  •  Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  •  Within 20 feet of a fire station driveway on the same side of the street or, when marked, within 75 feet of the driveway on the other side of the street.
  •  Within 50 feet of the nearest rail of a railroad crossing.
  •  In front of any driveway, alley, theater, emergency exit, or fire escape.
  •  Next to a road where you block the view of drivers turning at an intersection.
  •  More than 12 inches from the curb or against the flow of traffic. This means the curb should never be more than 12 inches from your vehicle when parked.
  •  Within 30 feet of a stop sign, traffic light, or flashing beacon, including a warning sign.
  •  In a lane of a highway outside city or village limits if there is a highway shoulder.
  •  On a bridge or overpass, under a bridge, or in a tunnel.
  •  On a sidewalk or in front of a public or private driveway.
  •  Within an intersection, cross walk, or designated bike lane.
  •  Within 20 feet of a marked cross walk, or 15 feet of an intersection if there is no cross walk.
  •  On the street-side of a legally parked vehicle (double parking).
  •  In a manner that obstructs delivery of mail to a rural mailbox.
    So just remember if you drink, don’t drive.  If you must drive, don’t park like an ass.

Just flashed back to the 70’s

Found out that Kiss and Motley Crue are coming to Detroit in September.  I can’t believe how much they want for tickets.  For two seats, in the pavilion, are over 250.00, and those are in row nn.  Any further back and you’ll be outside

I can remember paying 12.50 for really great seats back in ’84 when Motley Crue were at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.  What a rocking show.  I almost remember it.

That was back in the day when you could bring your own to a concert.  alcohol poured like water and since smoking was allowed inside back then, all sorts of strange and wonderful things got fired up in the name of Rock and Roll.

Nikki was a rock God and Tommy Lee, OMG.  The pheromones that poured off that man were toxic.

I wrote the opening paragraphs last Thursday.  Now that I’ve had a chance to ponder the merits of a head banging, good time at 50, I’ve discovered that there are so many other choices for spending that much money that I just can’t justify spending it to see people older than my husband dance around in spandex pants and try to remember the words to a 30-year-old song.  Not to mention that the year have probably taken their toll on the voices of all involved and they just won’t be like the memories.  Maybe memories should remain just that.

I’m going back to drool over iPads now.

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