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The countdown begins

Tree is decorated and lit, packages wrapped and placed under the tree.  The stockings are hung and the halls have been decked.  In two days the house will ring with children’s laughter and the heady sound of adults laughing and catching up.  I’m so excited.  Then seven days later we head for Orlando/Canaveral and head to the Bahamas for seven fun-filled, sun filled days.

Tomorrow I’ll make the dressing and the cheesy potatoes, set up the dining room and bring serving stuff up from downstairs.

For now, just watching a silly movie about people who travel back in time and come back with a T-Rex in tow and it’s now running rampant through either New York or L.A.  Joe is sleeping on the couch with Oscar and mom is asking a million questions about the movie.    I love silly movies.

I’m off to sleep now.  Fighting this cold is wearing me out.  Blessings to all of you.

Ick, ick and Oh Christmas Tree

Woke up this morning, tried to open my eyes and greet the day, and my right eye was goop sealed and so not opening.  I raced to the bathroom and applied a warm washcloth to open it, after looking to see if the goop was white or green, white, thank heavens.  Came downstairs and before I had coffee or breakfast or anything, I called the doctors and made an appointment.  With my immune system being almost nonexistent and just getting off a plane it just seemed prudent.  So, I have a sinus infection that has spread to my tear ducts and infect my eye.  So back on antibiotics for two weeks.  Can’t torch cause everything is blurry in that eye and it’s hard to focus.  I have two vessels that I have to finish and I can’t focus enough to do the chain detail.

So Oz and I are hanging out in the big red chair waiting for Joe to get back from church.

Today went so quickly.  Went to Red Lobster with M and M tonite for dinner cause B ain’t cooking with an eye infection.  Gross.  Had the stuffed mushrooms.  Really yummy and just enough for me (minus the one I gave to Joe cause I couldn’t finish it).  And, BONUS, they helped bring all my Christmas Decorations upstairs.  As they were carrying things up, I kept hearing “are we done yet”.  I don’t think they ever realized just how much it takes to decorate a home this big.  I won’t use it all, I never do, but it’s nice to be able to pick and choose.

Was really nice talking with them and sharing memories and kinda got me started on memory lane.  Now my memory lane, as anyone who knows my home at all, will tell you is on my walls.  I have photo’s hung everywhere.  The entire upstairs hallway is covered in photographs and memories.  Each photo has a special meaning to me, and was hand-picked and placed exactly where I want them.  I remember each day each photo was taken, but each photo has a hidden memory that is only mine.  I’ve never shared the memory, or even the knowledge of the memory with anyone.  I think it’s time to start.  The first one that comes to my head is a photo of C standing in front of a Cadillac Allante’ convertable that we arranged for him to drive to prom.   Dolled up in a tux, his hair is halfway past his shoulders and he has a dumb hat on but he felt like a king that night.  He put so many miles on that car that night I still have my doubts that they ever made it to the prom.  I think they just drove all night to be seen.  The photo is a really good one.  I can see the man he will someday be when I look at it.  But my memory of that day, I didn’t go to the Tigers game.  For a very good reason, I gave my ticket away and didn’t go.  If you want the rest of the story, you have to ask.

It’s late and my little brain is spinning out of control in its small vortex so I am off to stare like a mindless robot at a little flat box for an hour, then, haul my mind numb body upstairs where I will collapse into an exhausted stupor.  (God the prose is flowing, I’m outta here).

Beautiful dreams everyone.

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