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Am I the only antique out there

who still cuts herself shaving her legs. I have huge bleeding gashes on both Achilles tendons right now. After 35 years of doing this, you would think I’d have it down pat, but not so. Also considering I learned with this: you would think I’d be really careful. But not so. I still rip my skin off every time. And I know there are alternatives out there. I’ve tried them all. Waxing, stringing, that machine that rips the hairs out, laser, shower goo, out of shower goo, tweezing, hell, I even gave chemo a shot, but it grew back. Let’s look on the bright side, at least I didn’t rip the fronts of my legs off like I usually do.

It’s been a really rough night and day. Couldn’t sleep last night, tv kept Joe up so at 2:30 I came downstairs and watched tv for the rest of the morning. Watched the sun come up, listened to the birds sing. Then passed out till 12:30 in the afternoon. Which isn’t a bad thing until you consider that we have two guys climbing up and down the outside of our house repairing brick in the fireplaces. Lots of hammering to remove damaged brick and mortar, falling bricks hitting the wood decking outside the family room. I slept through the whole thing today.

I’m so close to finishing the Teddy bear that I’m crocheting. This is the biggest animal I’ve made so far. The body and head are 20″ tall. I have to finish one leg, do the ears, stuff and assemble. Final touches will be the nose and mouth and he will be ready. He has taken me a long time to finish. I’m proud of him. I’ll post photos when he’s done (which may be tonight).

Have a wonderful Wednesday all.

Have aliens invaded our planet

Or is common courtesy making a comeback?

I’ve been not driving lately only because I get really nervous behind the wheel.  Kinda like an anxiety attack, but a milder version.  I just get shaky and overreact and am not comfortable with myself behind the wheel, so I don’t.  But, yesterday and today I had errands that had to be run, so I drove.  And people were polite.  Pausing to let me out into traffic, opening doors, saying please and thank you at the drive through.

It makes me happy to hear people being polite to each other.  I try to be polite whenever possible.  And when I know it’s impossible, I stay home.

When we were in St. Thomas, I almost got a tattoo.  The only reason I didn’t is because the artist whose work I liked the most made a disparaging comment about another tattoo artist.  I found it so rude that I left.  By the time I would have found anyone else, we had to get back to the ship.  Oh, but for a smarmy remark, I would have my gecko.

But it all works out in the end.  The lovely lady on Great Stirrup Cay gladly took my money with a smile and a boatload of compliments, calling me pretty and telling me how good I look in her creations.  She encouraged me to shop and compare.  I did and I went back to her to buy.  She was so nice.

I’m off to research crochet hats on ETSY.  Opening a new shop soon.



A day not totally wasted.

Did some work on my computer today.  Printed out vouchers for a couple of classes I’ve signed up for.  One is for a glass blowing class and the other is the class you need to take for your real estate license.  I may not do either one ever again, but at least I will know how to do it. I’m going to dedicate this year to learning.  Taking all the training classes I can, reading all the tutorials I can get my hands on.  I’m going to make an honest effort to improve my glass skills and if it is not in me to become a great lampworker, well, I can still pull cane and murinni for those who use it.  I’m getting pretty good at blowing shards too.

I am also working on opening my second ETSY shop.  This one with my handmade goods.  Crochet, knit and hand sewn items.  Keeping one shop open and fresh is hard.  Two will be even more interesting.  I have to be careful not to overload myself.  Learn balance.  I’m just so tired of doing nothing.  If I’m going to be sick, I’m going to be the best sick person I’ve ever seen.

We just got back from a 25th anniversary party.  I love seeing all the young people growing older and the babies getting bigger.  Everyone had a great time, I love seeing friends and family.  Can you imagine being married to someone for 25 years?  Joe and I are going on 14 this year, and those are just married years.  I’m not counting the longest engagement in history.  It’s a good feeling to know that you have found the person that you want to torment for the rest of your life.

Did you all notice the photo of the houseboat added to my home page.  That is my new dream retirement home.  Currently docked in the harbor of St. Thomas USVI, I’m convinced that I could live the rest of my life there.  I’ve also updated my “scary toys” tab to reflect my latest unusual finds.  I do have to start cooking again so I can list some more recipes.

Off to bed.  My little head is pounding.  Another round of chemo coming on Tuesday.  I can feel my body gearing up for the next wave of poisons to pour in.  Yippee for me.

Have a great night everyone.

(Rhema, may the fairies tickle your dreams tonite darling)

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