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Kids on the bus and other stuff.

Boy am I glad my Mother-in-Law doesn’t pay too much attention when we are driving.  We got mooned yesterday by a bus full of elementary kids.  I’m so glad I was turning right.  Where are kids heads at anymore?  When I was 7 or 8 the very last thing that would cross my mind to do would be to show my naked ass, not only to a passing stranger, but to all the people on the bus whom you go to school with every day.  Wasn’t till I was 15 was I ready for “team mooning”.  They just grow up so fast anymore.
Well the ducks and the squirrels are back in the yard.  I can tell spring is here.  My dogs love it too.  All I have to do is whisper “let’s go to work” and they will hear me from anywhere in the house and come running and quivering with excitement.  When I open the side door it’s like they work in tandem.  I don’t know how they figure out who goes where, but they do.  In case anyone thinks I’m cruel, I have to Chi mixes that coldn’t catch their tails on a good day.  I just enjoy watching them during the thrill of the chase.  And the sight of Mo flying acorssed space to dive in after a duck is always good for a laugh.  Especially since he hasn’t figured out yet that 1)Ducks can fly faster than you can swim.  2)Water this time of year is freeking cold.  He’ll figure it out sometime before he dies.
I might be getting two more foster dogs for a couple of weeks.  I explained that I could take them in, socalize them, train them and basically get them used to lovin.  But, I am unable to take them to showings and I cannot take them for home visits.  Since my resistance is down,  just being as careful as I can.  They are a brother/sister pair of Teacup Poms so they are no bigger than 5-6 pounds each.  Such adorable little sweeties. 

Teacup Poms

Look at those sweet faces.  Who would not want these beauties?  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I really want to give them a great second start.
I really think I need some to paint my bedroom.  I figure that If I take an hour, I can strip the chair rail off the wall (who the hell puts chair rail in a bedroom anyway?), plaster the holes and get most of the crap outta here.  Now the last time they let me paint, they gave me a brush and asked me to cut in the ceiling and the chair rail.  Yep, give a drunk, stoned monkey a paint brush and tell him to paint a straight line.  I think I lasted all of two minutes before they sent me on a lemonade run and never let me back into the room.
This time will be much easier.  With the chair rail down the bedroom and bathroom can flow together.  I’m Thinking two days max.  Picked a soft grey, almost a silver and I want to mix it with a Pearl glaze.  The room get’s a nice east/west window exposure.  I’d love to accent it with raspberry since out bedroom set is cherry wood.
I do tend to ramble.  Gotta love the Fentanyl (sp?)  Makes your brain run on several tracks at once. 
I do know that my honey is taking mom and I out to our favorite restraunt tonite.  I can’t wait, cockails with dinner and dessert.  Then get to see my sweeties tomorrow.  Can’t wait!!!

Well, Got bad news and no news

Saw the ENT yesterday for biopsy results.  And, drumroll please, It’s back.  She can’t tell me how big, bad, fast or far it is, but the pathology report indicated a positive result.  Apparently the “histology is similar to my previous diagnosis of non small cell ca”.

Which is a really bad.  That means that in all likely hood, I have lung cancer again.  The markers indicated that it was from the lung.  So, what now?  I see the oncologist today at 3:00.  While he will be able to give us a more concrete diagnosis I am under no illusions that the “exploring” has just begun.  More tests, scans, biopsies will follow.  Knowing Dr. M. it will be fast and furious from diagnosis to treatment.  So today is another hurry up and wait day.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when there was a knock on my door and two sweet pre-teen girls were standing on my porch.  They asked very politely if they could take my dogs for a walk.  Me, thinking they were little go-getters and appreciating that in a person, asked what they charged for their service.  “Nothing,” they replied, “we heard you were sick again and wanted to help.”  I wanted to cry.  I’ll have to introduce them to Mo before I’ll trust him with them, but he’s doing so great with people so I don’t think I’ll have any problems.  And I will certainly not refuse such a generous offer.  Last time I didn’t want to accept offers of kindness because I didn’t want to burden anyone.  This time, when help is offered I will gladly accept. 

I’ll follow-up with more when I know more.  Love to all.

A quick photo of our Cozumel trip.

Mexico is alot like paradise, with bugs

Sunday was another amazing day.  Got up bright and early and rented an open air jeep to take a self guided tour of the island.  We started at 10 and just drove.  The island is amazing.  Such diverse impressions and lifestyles.  In the course of one block you can go from exquisite resort to a run down hovel and back again.  The locals are friendly and willing to help in anyway they can.

We were prepped to go to the Carnival parade last night but it started pouring rain so everything was cancelled.  Hopefully tonite.

Today is a relaxing day.  I’m about to drag Joe downtown and do the “Tourista” thing.  Will add more later.

BTW.  Can anyone tell why people who live on paridise walk around with “poopy faces” like they have shit under their noses.

Bienvenido compadres’

Here we are, our second day in Cozumel and what a great trip so far.

Arrived at out hotel, the Coral Princess at 4:30 after being on a plane or in an airport since 4am. Went out for a really nice dinner at a local restaraunt (Joe had chicken-Pollo Mole and I had Tilapia roasted in bannana leaf with onions, peppers and tomato’s, amazingly yummy. Got back to the hotel and relaxed for the rest of the night. Imagine my surprise at waking up at 3:30 am to find that the power was out. You guessed it, no air, no coffee, no breakfast. And I did I forget to mention NO FREEKING COFFEE. But we perservered and made it out alive.

Well, except for yesterday. I guess my poor tired worn out body can’t handle travel like it used to. Spent the whole day in bed alternating between fever and chills, puking and choto, inspnish itg is called vomito. I have noticed that my illness seems to make Joe more patient. He doesn’t get short or snippy at all, which is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, Cozumel is wonderful. Got an early start this morning and went out on a glass bottom boat and snorkling. Out of three snorkle spots I almost made it all the way through the first one before my lung seized and I was out of the water. Is OK though, cause I got to stretch out on deck and put a start to a really rockin’ sunburn. The water is a perfect shade of light aqua (the old moretti for my glassy friends) and the sky is a perfect blue with just enough clouds . 82 degrees today with a sweet breeze off the bay.

After snorkling we walked around the plaza for awhile and had one of my favorite meals. Carnita Taco’s made fresh at an open air stall. So yummy. Must learn to make Carnita meat.

Right now, lounging on the beach, enjoying a Capitan and coke and watching the Iguana’s walk on the wall.

The Iguana’s here are amazing. I swear I saw a 5 footer earlier, and that is before tail. And yes, I have pictures.

Off to drink. Carnival starts tonite at 7:0pm. Daniel has been keeping our table covered with Cornas, Captian & Cokes and the house specail margartis.  Not to mention the charcoal grill cooking our dinner poolside.  The buzz is on the sunset is laying across the equator and oh yes we are like two birds in the sky flying upside down!  Watch out we don’t shit on ourselves.

I’m so glad my husband understands….

He just cashed in our CC points and scheduled a vacation in Cozumel for the next week.  My biopsy is on the 10th so our trip will be from the 3rd to the 9th.    I get a week of sun, fun and cocktails by the pool.  A brief respite from reality granted, but at this point, any respite is welcome.

I do feel terrible because we had committed to babysitting this weekend and had to cancel at the last minute.  I’m torn between my loyalty to my kids and my need to get away before everything starts all over again.  The last time everything went so fast.  From diagnosis to chemo to radiation to surgery to recovery to chemo to three years before I was me again. 

So, do I stay or do I go?

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