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Fresh made Raspberry Lemonade, a pot of split pea soup

How much better could a Monday be?

Yesterday Mel and I  drove out to Armada for the 10th annual Lavender festival that took place this past weekend.  We had a great time.   Didn’t really know what to expect.  It was going to be what it was going to be so we couldn’t be disappointed.  We just decided to go and if we didn’t like it, we’d do something else.

It was a beautiful drive out there.  It reminded me of driving up north.  Lots of farm land and trees.  Very picturesque.  The festival was what it was.  Lavender, lots of lavender.  Soaps, oils, dog food, teas, sleep aids.  All made from lavender.  And tons of dried and fresh lavender everywhere.  We took our time and walked around to all the booths.  We smelled and touched and sampled.  There were even a couple of vendors with homespun yarn.  Alpaca and lamb.  Beautiful yarn, beautiful worked goods, makes me itch like I was covered in fire ants.  My fingers were tingling just from fondling the yarn.

As we were leaving, Mel suggested that we hit the “you pick” raspberry portion of the farm.  So we drove to the back of the orchard (which was massive BTW) to the raspberry patch and spent some time in the sun, talking and picking berries.  It was nice.

When I got home, I discovered much to my chagrin, that I had forgotten that I had invited my mother to visit yesterday.  Good thing she understands that I suffer from “chronic acute Cerebrum flatulentia*”.  She just hung out till I got home and left this afternoon.

When she left I went foraging through the fridge for something to munch on and I came across a rather forlorn remnant of a ham and a bag of carrot that have almost seen better days.  Turning to the pantry, I pulled out three potatoes, an onion and a bag of dried split peas (something I always have on hand), and made soup.  A bay leaf and some spices later it’s simmering and making the house smell good.  Maybe I’ll throw together a batch of bread to go with that soup.  That sounds yummy.  I’m off to mix up some bread dough.  Maybe a rosemary/olive oil loaf.

I’m inspired.

Another day in paradise.

Chemo yesterday was tough.  They gave me a new anti-nausea drug that set my lady parts on fire.  Was not a comfortable hour.  Came home and was so glad that I had pre-cooked the chicken for the Mole’.  Just had to heat it up, make some spanish rice and beans, heat tortillas and dinner was done in under 20 minutes.  Monday night I baked an apple pie and cut up a watermelon and a brick of cheese for people to munch on if I’m feeling out of it.

After six years of this shit, I’m becoming, finally, more proactive.  Ordering my scripts ahead of time.  Pre-planning meals and having them cooked and ready.  Fresh sheets on the bed the morning of, just in case I want to lay down after (plus, clean sheet night is always a bonus).


I’m working today on getting some cards sent out to friends and relations that I think of often.  I love getting cards from people, so in turn, I love sending them.  I got one yesterday that was so special.  Several months ago, one of Joe’s cousins came in from Washington State for a visit.  While we were there her brother took a photo of us.  She sent me a copy and what a lovely photo it is.  We all look so grown up and wise.  We have all gone through so much in our young lives to create the strong, intelligent women standing there.


Finally found the graphics for my next tat.  Isn’t he impressive?  Now to find an artist who can do him justice. I think I’m going to pull some steaks out of the freezer for dinner.  Slice up some potatoes and make a vegetable and a salad and call it dinner.  Right now, I’m going to try to get my husband out for a walk and maybe get out of the house for a while. Have an amazing evening all.

I can tell it’s getting to be Tuesday again

Every third Tuesday I get to drive in for them to dump poison in my veins to counteract the farking little cancer bullies that are racing around kicking the shit out of my Red and white blood cells.  My last platelet count was down to 450.  Not so very good.  But I’m working on it.  Lots of red beats and green beans and red cabbage.

Made a really good dish in the crock pot the other day.  Joe has been eating it for days, and I haven’t had to cook.  Basically you drain a package of sauerkraut and rinse well with water.  Place kraut in a hot pan with melted butter to brown it a little.  Remove Kraut to the crock pot.  Cook down two packages of mushrooms and one med onion till just tender.  Mix it in with the kraut.  Open 2/3 cans of whole potatoes and toss those in there.  About a palm full of caraway seed and you are set.  Mix everything throughly, add a 1/2 cup of water and set aside.  Open a package of country ribs and rinse, pat dry.  Season with Mrs. Dash.  Heat oil in a pan till just sizzling.  Carefully place the ribs in the pan and brown them on each side.  When ribs are brown, put on top of the kraut mixture, cover and put in fridge overnight.

In the morning, slice 1-2 apples and spread them over the pork.  Put the crock pot on high for 4 hours then drop to low for another 3.  Do not lift cover.

The pork fell off the bone and the kraut was wonderful with the flavors of the mushrooms and caraway seed.  I think that cooking really great food is an art and I just haven’t been very artistic in the past few years.  But, spring is here.  DH is home and he is feeding me energy just by being home and doing his “guy stuff”.  I am noticing that my backyard things are slowly appearing from wherever they were stashed for the winter.  I need to start bring my own stuff up, but have to wait till the pool cover get’s removed.  My stuff get’s in the way of the big tarp.

I think I’ll make some flour tortillas for breakfast tomorrow.  A little chorizo and eggs and potatoes.  Make Joe happy.  Then tomorrow the church debate will continue.  Oh well, if life wasn’t a constant series of challenges we’d have a shitload of Homer Simpsons to deal with.

Think of me on Tuesday.

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