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Visits from friends, spiffy new tat and room with a view.

It’s been an amazing week so far.  The bedroom is shaping up nicely.  Got the two coats of primer up and the room looks like a different place already.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The sunlight coming through the windows is beautiful hitting the white primer.  So different from that dingy, unfinished space that was there before.  Primer coat is complete, ceiling is done with two coats of ceiling white (I wanted to use fairy silver, but Joe didn’t like it, so white it is).  I can’t wait to start putting the green on the walls.  It’s going to be so bright and vibrant.  I’m really thinking of doing the trim work in yellow, but that might be too much with two doors and two windows.  I’m talking lemon yellow here, to accent the bright green of the walls.

The other day we got a visit from Tio and Mary.  They brought me over a box

of beautiful teacups and saucers that had belonged to their daughter L.  L passed suddenly last year and we all miss her terribly.  I’m going to have to find a place to display them properly.  Aren’t they amazing?  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I, of course, had to show her my china tea set. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Mine are Faerie sized.  It am touched that she thought of me for the tea cups though.  They are such special friends.

Back in  October, I got my latest tattoo.  My gecko.  You may have noticed that he kind of disappeared from conversation.  That’s because when I was in the hospital last, my blood infection spread to my tattoo and turned it gross.  The head broke off in four places, the front foot slid under the belly of the beastie, most of the colors faded to shades I’m not sure of.  It ended up looking like this.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Yesterday, Joe took me back to Chroma Tattoo where I had it done the first time.  Jason rocked.  He took one look and said he could fix it and fix it he did.  It looks amazing again.  I’m not jinxing it by showing it early again.  Once it heals, I’ll show it.  Joe was so impressed with Jason’s room in the studio that he actually offered Jason “Joe Bacon”. “Joe Bacon” is a mounted boars head that we have had around the house forever.  Joe got it at a garage sale somewhere and hung it in our old house.  In this house, there is no room for an ugly ass boar head so he get’s moved from room to room.  I’ve threatened to throw him out several times.  Joe and Jason hit it off and Joe offered it to Jason and now it’s gone from my home forever.  I hope he gets tons of attention where he’s at, he sure didn’t get it here.

I’m about a quarter of the way through the dollhouse.  Not far enought yet to take pictures, just far enough to start being confused by the instructions.

Have a great day everyone.  I’m off to take a nap.  Mom is watching her “programs” for the afternoon and I’m barely keeping the peepers open.

Someone slap me so I can sleep.

It’s been weeks.  I’m up all night, then sleep all day.  Or I sleep all night and nap all day.  I don’t know if it’s the weather or my medications interacting or what but I can’t seem to catch enough sleep.  I’m getting nothing done and am feeling the major guilt of leaving everything for everyone else to do.  Day  before yesterday I slept till 2:30 in the afternoon and I was back in bed by eight.

So yesterday I went to the doctors to discuss this problem, cause it is a problem.  We reviewed my medications, did blood work to check for Epstein Barr and for Jaundice.  Checked my white and reds and platelets.  Everything is normal.  My reds and whites are better than they have been in five years.  My platelets are at 25 which is almost normal for a chemo patient.  My meds (all twelve different kinds) checked out, although we decided to stop the Ambien.  According to all that I’ve read they become less effective the longer you are on them.  After six years, I’m past the point of even using them anymore.  So we will see if that changes anything.  I’m supposed to be more active during the day too.  Yep, it’s 4 below outside and sleeping and I’m supposed to go for a walk.  Not gonna happen.

Went out with mom and we both got hair cuts.  Feels good not to be shaggy.  But I don’t like places that don’t wash your hair first.  I’m paying the same price, but they just spray it wet with ice water and cut from there.  I want the shampoo, the scalp massage, the yummy smelling conditioner.  I figure I’m paying for it, I want it.  Last time I go to this place.

Then went to Home Depot with Joe.  Picked up the paint color for the last bedroom that needs to be redone.  It’s Behrs Sweet Midori 420B-5.  I wish I could snap a photo from their website but they have it blocked.  It’s an amazing green, I can’t wait to start painting.

Finally getting smarter about cleaning a two-story house.  Up to this point, I’ve done fairly well.  I have cleaning products in all the bathrooms so I don’t have to carry them from room to room.  I keep supplies of towelling, vinegar, baking soda and liquid soap upstairs and down. So between yesterday and today Joe and I have gotten both a Swiffer sweeper and duster, with refills, to put in the upstairs linen closet.  Now we don’t have to remember to drag them up and down stairs when we are using them.  One more step on the efficiency ladder.

Put on a sweatshirt from 1996 today.  It’s from a whale watching trip we took while on vacation with the kids.  One of the best times.

Off for dinner.  Gonna nosh on leftovers today.  We’ve had take out all week so there are tons of bits to pick from.  Have a wonderful night all.


Yeah, it’s been awhile…

Since I’ve posted anything.  This last round of chemo combined with the cold damp weather is breaking me.  All I want to do is sleep.  I don’t want to eat.  I don’t want to go shopping or running around visiting.  I just want to get warm and to stop hurting all the time.   

I can’t wait for summer to get here.  Yesterday was a teaser here in Michigan.  It got warm enough to sit outside for about an hour and get a little yard work done.

It sucks having a 50 yr old brain in a 90 yr old body.  

I am working on feeling better, making plans for things to do next month.  I want Joe to take me to the sparkly house in Detroit so I can take some photo’s.  That’s an incentive to get me outside the house.  Once its warmer.  

I did bust a move on the fridge yesterday.  Looked at the expire date on everything and filled a trash bag with condiments that were purchased for one recipe then stored for eternity in the big cold box in the kitchen.  Sad to say that I had a jar of curry paste that expired in 2008.  I don’t like curry, I don’t remember buying curry and from the smell of it, it’s not something that I’d ever run out to taste.  Strange things sometimes manifest in my cupboards and fridge.

Went to Dearborn and tried a new restaurant yesterday.  A place called Fridas Mexican Cusine.  Good food, reasonable prices, but slow service overall.

I also managed to clean the bedroom today.  My side of the bed was starting to look like a bad Hoarders show.  Books stacked, empty chip bags, bowls, wrappers, two trash cans and a carpet that Oscar refused to walk on.  Took me all of 10 minutes to dust and straighten up, I don’t know why I put it off, just do.  Pushing the vacuum is something we both do so it doesn’t get too bad, but picking up my crap is my job.

I think I’m going to wander upstairs and take a hot bath, watch a movie, relax with a magazine.  


I’ve had a strong day today

I’m excited.  I’ve actually had a good day today.

Woke up early, 6:00 early to be exact.  Haven’t napped yet.  Cleaned the dining room, living room and started the entry hall.  Then I took Oscar for a walk around the block which is just short of a mile.

All this after chemo yesterday.  Are you as amazed as I am?

Just a bit of an upset stomach this morning, but not much else.

I think I’m liking the new steroid/b-12 combo they added to my IV.  Even though the steroids have me on edge today.  I’m feeling like I need to stay away from people today.  The nurses did warn me that the   evil twin will take hold for a day or two.  I can deal with her if you all can.

I think I’ll go and rest for a while, then make turkey with smashed potatoes and gravy for dinner.  Sounds yummy.

Have a lovely day.

My a-ha moment for the day.

I finally figured it out.  The light clicked on.  The A-ha moment when I figured out how to change colors of thread while working on a project without having the color change look like shit.  I’ve read the directions and seen it done and had it shown to me and just couldn’t do it.  This morning I tried it on a baby blanket I’m crocheting and it worked.  Now I just hope I retain that knowledge.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here.  The tree is up, most of the gifts wrapped.  The tree looks delish this year.  I went with all purple and silver and it turned out really nice.  My orchids are almost all in bloom and they make the kitchen look so spring like. 









So as I look out of my kitchen window and look at the snow-covered black hole in the back yard, these lovelies draw my eye and I am captivated by the colors and the beauty of them all over again.  Given a choice, I would opt to never get cut flowers again.  I’d rather have a live Orchid that will bloom over and over.

I’ve been especially busy cleaning out rooms while I have the energy to do them.  I’ve gotten all of my side of the basement done.  Now I need to keep working on bring the stuff down from upstairs.  I figure if I do a little bit each day, that room can be ready to paint within the week.  Not that I’m going to paint it within a week, mind you.  But it will be ready for me when I am.

Oh, and I got a lovely surprise in the mail.  Some yummy glass from a friend.  I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t wait to try it.

I’m off to give the bedroom a good going over and to finish the laundry.  I just love Mondays.  Always too much that didn’t get done over the weekend.  Have a wonderful afternoon all.  Don’t work as hard as I intend to.

Spring house cleaning made a little easier

We all hate spring house cleaning because it’s so tedious.  There are easy ways to keep up with it though.  Every week when you dust, make sure you wipe down the window sills and baseboards.  If you have windows that drop in to be cleaned, clean them once a month.  Clean blinds, drains and garbage disposal once a month (see tips and tricks for easy ideas). 

Make washing your curtains part of sheet changing day.  At least fluff them with a dryer sheet.

Put away your sweaters in a plastic tub with 1-2 used dryer sheets to keep them fresh.  Sorting is easy when you use the rule of thirds.  Keep one third, donate one-third and delete one-third.  Going through your closet is easier with a friend.  Try on everything and have them give their opinion (or take a digital photo of your backside).  If it looks great on you, keep it.  If it would look great on others, donate it.  If it wouldn’t look good anywhere, throw it out.

Now do the same thing in reverse for the spring/summer clothes.  As you go through them, put all the keepers on hangers.  All shirts should be hung up.  Now is the time to organize them.  Sort by style; spaghetti strap, tank, girl t-shirt, gu t-shirt, etc.  Then each category by color.  This will make it easier in the long run.  Make sure that all the hangers are hanging in the same direction and the shirts are all facing the same way.  Place a calendar in the closet with today’s date on it, and in two or three weeks you should start seeing a pattern.  Even in the clothing you liked and kept, there are things you don’t wear.  Get rid of them.  You know you will add things to it soon. 

I’m so worn out thinking about cleaning that I’m going to nap now.  Chemo wears me out so much, I’m lucky to get three good hours .  Gave Joe a test this morning, made him get out my pills.  No mean feat that. But if some day I can’t do it, he’ll have to.  Everything is labeled and sorted by type, so I did make it easier for him.  I hope he stops and picks up a weekly pill case for me.  It will make things so much easier. 

Wow, 11:00, where did the day go.  Huggs to all.

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