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These are the days to remember…

Wow, the last two weeks have flown  by.  I’ve had two MRI’s, a C.T. scan, an electrical stimulus test, a series of injections into my neck and shoulders, four days in the hospital recovering from stomach flu, buried an uncle, lost a filling, got beads ready for a show on Sunday (wish me luck),  found and started addressing my Christmas cards, continued working on memorizing “the night before Christmas”.  Oh, took Oscar for his final therapy dog test (he passed).  Hows that for not doing much of anything.

Test results are still in the air.  Still testing and trying things.  It could be Carpal tunnel in my wrist, but that doesn’t explain the arm pain.  It could be nerve damage in my plenum but that doesn’t explain why only one arm.  Could be a reaction to chemo where some nerves just up and quit and I have to deal with it.  The injection they gave me last week takes 7-9 days to take effect, so, we wait and see if the feeling comes back, if the pain goes away or gets worse.  I’m to the point that I can barely type.  The good news is they are checking for cancer during all these tests and everything has come back clean.  So I’m still a NERD.

So nervous for today.  My first bead show and sale in five years.  And I’m working it.  I’m scared and a little intimidated by this.  I’m not an outgoing person by nature, especially in person.

Wish me luck today.


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