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Happy Valentines Day everyone.

Joe surprised me this morning by hiding little presents and candy all over the house.  He’s such a sweetie.  Made me go on a treasure hunt first thing in the morning.  I now have enough chocolate to gain at least 10 lbs.  I think that was his master plan.  He then took me to Max and Erma’s for dinner.  He’s such a wonderful husband.  I’m one lucky wife.

Once again, I spent the whole day accomplishing nothing at all.  I did make a semi life altering decision today and If I follow through with it, I will share, but for right now it is in the “kernel of an idea” stage and I need to let it develop naturally.

I have been having fun at Kohl’s expense lately.  I’ve been wanting to  buy some new bras for some time.  My shape has changed so much over the past two years that finding a comfortable, good fitting bra has become a priority.  In the past I’ve bought bras, tried them on at the store, Loved them, got them home, wore them, hated them, threw them in a drawer where they eventually get assimilated into the wood of the dresser, never to see the light of day again.  (Issues with keeping receipts, tags and returning goods.  More for another day)

This time, I got wise.  I purchased four bra’s.  I would wear each bra for a short period of time around the house (keeping the tags on).  If, after a couple of hours I hated them, they went back in the bag.  I would return the ones I tried and buy more to try.  It took about 6 trips but I found the perfect bra for me.  It comes in so many pretty colors and the best thing is: I wear a small.  I’ve never worn a small anything, especially bra’s.

So I wore bra’s and returned them, shoot me.  I can hear the eeewwww’s out there.  That’s why you are supposed to wash everything after you bring it home.  There is a reason your mother has always told you to do that.

Night all.

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