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Another year older, and still no wiser

Had a great birthday yesterday.  Even though Joe was in the hospital and I missed him, Mel stepped up and covered him in the best possible way.

It started with me getting to sleep all day.  The Alitma kicked my ass this time and I was so smoking tired.  The moms let me sleep, in my bed, till two in the afternoon.  While I slept, they took it upon themselves (bless them) to freshen up the place.  So one mom dusted and swept and the other mom did windows and mirrors and when I got downstairs the place shone like a new penny.

Having moms here is a strange and wonderful experience all at once.  It’s like falling down the rabbit hole where you are once again the child, hearing mothers voice.  But you are also the parent, because now it’s on you to schedule appointments, buy the food, make sure meds are taken and on time.  Kind of a convoluted world.  One day at a time, one day at a time.

Mel took me to a really unique taco bar in Ferndale.  The first one I bit into lit me on fire.  My gums are still tingling from the peppers.  The second one was a sweet chicken and it was really good.  Then we went to a painting class.  I have never painted in my life, always wanted to try it, but never did so this was a treat.

It was a cool class.  Everyone created the same painting, but everyone’s was different in the end.  Of course, Mel’s looks amazing.  Mine looks like something a pre schooler would do on a bad day, but it was a blast.  Will definitely go again.  Next time with a bottle of wine though.

On our way to the class C & L and the kids called and serenaded me with the birthday song.  I get a smile in my heart just hearing their happy voices.

It was a great day, but now Joe is home and I’m going to join him in a nap.

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