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It’s been a long day

It’s only 11:00 in the morning and I’m beat.  Spent the last two days cleaning out an apartment.  I have a really hard time understanding how someone can move into a perfectly clean apartment and in one year make it so dirty that I’m disgusted by it.

How can you live for a year and never clean your floors, toilet or tub?  Does it thrill you to know that I have to scrub your boyfriends piddle off the toilet and the floor?  The tub was so dirty but  you could tell took a lot of baths by the layers of rings around the tub.  (Eeeewwww Totally gross to take a bath in a dirty tub)

And really, did you actually eat in the kitchen next to the overflowing litter box? I know it was overfull a lot because of the mess on the floor.  And those hanging things in the corners of your ceiling are called cobwebs.  If you don’t wipe them down occasionally they get coated with your cigarette smoke and get nasty.  BTW, the smoking thing, this is a non-smoking apartment, did you think I wouldn’t smell the stink when I walked in?  And you have the nerve to ask for a refund?  Bitch, take a reality check.  I’m the one that’s going to have to spend two days just cleaning up what you left behind.  So glad you broke your lease.  Kiss my ass.

Now that that’s out, as you can probably tell, I’ve not had a good ending to the week.

My neurologist put me on Lyrica and what a difference.  The pain in my back has gone from a 9 to a 3.  3 is livable, 9 is torture.  The only problem that I have is that is makes me jumpy and almost manic.  So we are going back to Neurotin.

I want to share some photo’s of Oscar that I took this week.  He’s such a ham.

I think I’m off now to take a nap.  Have a wonderful day all.

Whoops, I’ve got to share with you.  I’m getting my newest tattoo on Monday.  I can’t wait.

I’ve got to be sick….

When mom keeps asking about the dog whimpering and then realizes its me. This is the worst I’ve felt in years. Stomach flu is nothing to play with. I’ve spent all day in bed, passed out cold, when I wasn’t running for the bathroom or grabbing for the trash can. It’s going to be almost impossible for me to take my meds tonight. I don’t know how that’s going to work. If I can’t keep water down how am I going to keep 10 pills down? I haven’t eaten for two days so I feel weak as a kitten. I did manage some tea and toast earlier and it did stay down.

I would love to take a shower but I don’t know if I have the strength to stand that long. I’d rather take a hot bath, but the deer head in the tub prevents that from happening.

Did have a bit of good luck this week. Turned over an apartment in two days. That’s handling the lady moving out, cleaning, changing locks, posting on the internet, setting up interviews, checking references and signing a lease. Joe supervised arranging the handyman and scheduling interviews all in four days (I did do the paperwork part). I even increased the rental price by 100 over what Joe wanted to charge. I figured if you price for the customer you want, you get the quality of customer you desire.

It’s getting late, I’m off to change the sheets and go back to bed. Good health to all.

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