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No good deed……

Ok, so you all know the Virginia trip story, played with glass, had a flipping blast with Ann.  I forgot to tell you about the guy on the plane.

On my flight from Norfolk to Charlotte I sat next to a really nice young man, about 28 or so.  We didn’t talk much for the first part of the flight but two people sitting next to each other for an hour will eventually start to chat.  It’s human nature. 

On his first solo trip, for business, he missed his Anniversary with his beautiful wife.  He showed me photos of her and his two beautiful children, and boy and a girl.  He was so proud of his family.  Then he shared with me a story of how he stayed at some really seedy places during the trip so he could buy his wife “one of them Pandora bracelets” that all her girlfriends have.  He showed it to me,  Just a silver bracelet with three small charms.  “I figure I can add-on when I can.” he said. 

Suddenly a light went on in my head.  In my carry-on, instead of my own beads that I should have grabbed, were a set of six BHB’s (big hole beads) with silly faces on them.  Cartoon animals really.  They were a gift to me when I was battling cancer and I carry them everywhere with me.  So I reached in my purse and found my bead set.  Carefully untied the knot and removed the pink bunny and the blue dog and gave them to him.  “One for each child”, I told him.

He reacted like a man who had never been given a heartfelt gift before.  The look on his face will stay with me forever.  He just stared at those beads in awe, examining every detail.  I showed him how to put them on his bracelet and he shook my hand.

Parted ways with a hug at the gate in Charlotte.  Don’t know his name or where he’s from, but I know I made a grown man raise a tear with a good deed and that validates.

I’m a lucky person to have friends and family that care enough to share with me.  I glad I could pay it forward.

Angel kisses everyone.


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