Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.




Slept late and went for a leisurely breakfast. That couple was absolutely correct. Much better breakfast with fresh eggs instead of liquid.

I have to admit that a cruise is every woman’s dream vacation. Get up when you want, go to breakfast which is prepared and served to you. When your plate is empty, it is promptly whisked away. When you return to your cabin everything is clean, beds made and loose clothing folded and stacked neatly.

We should dock in Ocho Rios by noon thirty. No excursions planned for today, just sightseeing and wandering. I’m hoping to find a Frogs here. I need more t-shirts for my quilt.

OMG, just got back from Ochoa Rios . What a blast! What started out as a total Charlie Foxtrot turned out to be the best tour ever.

We got off the boat at one and were immediately assailed by people hawking their tours, each one claiming bigger and better. Somehow we ended up with “Kirk” on his bus where he told us about the stops we were going to make. Dunn river falls and a plantation tour and a stop at the beach and shopping. Sounded like a great day. Mind you, the port we docked at was in the middle of nowhere, next to an abandoned factory. The options to get to town were few and far between. So we paid our fifty dollars and settled down for what turned out to be a fourth-five minute wait for the bus to fill. While we were waiting, me, being curious started asking questions. Turns out that we would only be able to one, maybe two of the stops he spoke of, and they all charge an admittance fee ranging from $20-$80 USD.

Joe and I decided to opt out of the falls trip, which was supposed to be the first stop. It wasn’t so much the entrance fee, it was more the 600 ft climb just to see the falls. Me with one lung and Joe with a new knee, I think not. No problem, we were told. We were then suggested the plantation tour. Learning about the islands herbs and spices would be fun, right?

We get to our first stop, surprise, it’s a street full of junk shops. The same, made in China crap that we saw at the last port and even on board ship. To our surprise, the bus stopped and let four people off, telling them to follow the guide and the bus would pick them in several hours. Those people looked confused and kinda shell shocked, even more so when Kirk jumped back on the bus and we drove off.

The next stop was Dunn river falls. As we are pulling in to the parking lot, we were informed of the $20 pp charge. Yep twenty bucks for the privilege of climbing 600 ft over slippery rocks, which btw you have to have special shoes for (available at their gift shop, of course). Everyone piled off the bus except us. Kirk came back and urged us to get off, but we didn’t want to go there. After talking to the driver they agreed to call and see if they could get us a smaller car for the plantation tour. Our driver, Kevin placed a call to his supervisor, then, asked if we wanted a beer break while we were waiting. He took us to a little local bar and we had a blast chatting up the locals. The supervisor called back to say that they had nothing available to take us to the plantation.

So we had two choices, either go back to the falls and wait over an hour, or, hang with Kevin and he would show us some local areas that most tourists don’t get to see. We opted for the second choice and I’m so glad we did. We drove for a bit and saw how and where the locals lived. It was quite an education. The tour ended at this tiny restaurant where they served the best Jerk pork and chicken I’ve ever had. It fired my appetite right up. I could have eaten another plate full, but we had to pick up the rest of the bus load. So, back to Dunn river, back to the junk shops, back to the ship. It’s funny, but none of us were given the option of visiting the Plantation. But I wouldn’t have passed up Kevin’s tour for the world. Others came back complaining of lines, heat and cost, we just hummed a few bars of “ever-e-ting gonna be a’right” and smiled

Sometimes Charlie Foxtrots turn out to be amazing adventures. Sometimes it’s the Gods way of telling you to relax and flow with the go (mon).

Got back to the ship,had a light lunch, a nap



Comments on: "Cruise 2012 – Part duex" (3)

  1. Rowyn Capers said:

    Loved this story, and a fresh picture of you and Joe! In the sun, mon.


  2. Hi you! I’m soo Happy for you and Joe!!! Please tell us more about your cruise, I’m living vicariously through you! 🙂 ❤

  3. Anonymous said:

    Nooooooo Prolem man! Don forget the Jamaican Red stripe man,!

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