Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

Cruise 2012

Left Detroit on the 10th and had a great flight. Landed in Miami with plenty of time to get to port. The ship is magnificent! Glass everywhere.


Our vacation


Our first stop was in Nassau Bahamas. The last a time we were here I was so sick I could barely make it to shore🐶. This time was amazing. We walked around town for a couple hours then rode Segways around town for a few hours. It was loads of fun. I got to check another thing off my non bucket list. I love getting away. We visited Sr. Frogs for cocktails. Our first of the trip. I’m looking forward to hitting as many as I can during this trip.


We left Nassau late last night today we are at sea all day. It’s so relaxing I feel so good I can’t believe I’ve been sick for so long. I actually feel like a normal person. I actually feel like I did in 2005. I feel like I’ve never had cancer.

While Joe was at the gym today, I took time to stretch out, say some prayers, cast some mental good will, did some banishments and sent some blessings out. Felt good to open my brain and my mind to the cosmos. I’m waiting for the moon to rise 🌘.

Made half a decision today 🌴. I think I’m going to talk to Margolis about stopping chemo. I know it’s risky to do it but I feel so good right now that I can’t imagine ever getting chemo sick again. They keep telling me that I don’t have cancer anymore, so, if I don’t, why am I still getting chemo? Margolis says its to keep the cancer at bay, but if I don’t have cancer, what do I have to keep at bay? I’ve forgotten how good it feels to feel good. I don’t want this feeling to end.

On another note, the food is generous. The ship is opulent, glass and fresco paintings everywhere. I’m sitting on our balcony enjoying the sun while joe naps and just saw two dolphins jumping along side the boat. What a beautiful sight. I can’t wait for dinner tonite. Food is ok, not five star by any means, but plenty of it. I would give it three stars at best. I’m just not a fan of gourmet fast food. The food comes into the dining room via an elevator. The waiters carry twenty meals at a time. Five stacks of five plates. The food sits till you finish your previous course. Then they bring it to you, it’s not quite warm, but not cold either. Portions are small since they have so many courses to choose from. I’m trying to eat right, so I’m not ordering every course on the menu, but I am not afraid to ask for a double order if I really like it.

Dinner tonight was formal. Seeing an entire room full of people dressed to the nines. The food was amazing, although I might stay away from the lamb for the rest of the trip. Its good but kinda grisly.

It’s Survivor night even here in the middle of the Atlantic. So glad Abby got voted off. She so needed to go. I just wonder how she’s going to sabotage the finale.

Early day tomorrow. Dune buggy ride at 8:00am. Kinda early, but I’m excited.

Starting to miss my grands. I hope they enjoyed the letters from Santa. Some of my best writing every year. Weeks go into those letters, I just pray that they are loved as much as I pour the love into them.

12-13 Grand Turk

Can you believe that I’m up and already had breakfast and its only 8 am?

Went for the most awesome dune buggy excursion. The island is so cool. A long time ago they used to use horses and cows to help harvest the salt off the ocean floor. When they started getting more tourists, they stopped the salt harvest and just let the horses and cows run free on the island. The herds have survived and now roam where they wish. Didn’t see much wildlife, kinda disappointed in that. Maybe next tour.

Did get to Margarettaville. No Sr. Frogs on this island though. Diamonds are over the moon price wise. 6 g’s for 1/ 2c tw earrings. Outrageous.

Tried something different for lunch today. Instead of going to the buffet for lunch, we tried the formal dining room. Sat with a very interesting couple who shared the secret of getting a great breakfast. You have to go to the main dining room and order off the menu for fresh cooked eggs, then hit the buffet for the sides like fresh fruit (plentiful beyond belief), yoghurt and anything else you could ask for. Going to try it tomorrow.

Right now it’s 6:15 and it feels like midnight. I’ve forgotten how much the sun wears you out.

Got back to our cabin early and just chilled for a few hours before heading out to see the evening show which happened to be a juggler, who was OK till he took his shirt off, then he was awesome! Never knew juggling kept you so fit.


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  1. Rowyn Capers said:


    more than anything 🙂

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hey, I can juggle with my shirt off. Your HB

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