Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

Since last Thursday I have been infused with energy and positive thinking.  I’ve tackled the jungle in the backyard.  Joe has worked tirelessly to get the pool up and running.  The new pool furnace works so good.   It feels so good to dive in and not feel that polar chill that used to turn the outside of your lips blue.

It is so efficient that I’m kicking myself for not getting one sooner.  All that money wasted.  I’m debating on whether to have him put the solar cover on for overnight to keep the warm water warm.  Need to surf a little and get some answers.

Other than getting things accomplished around the house and yard, I have been feeling great.  I hit 120 lbs this weekend.  I haven’t thrown up in three days (except this morning).  Tons of energy, no naps, eating like a pro.

Today, not so much.  Kinda pooped out today.  It’s a good day to torch I’m thinking.

Had the most beautiful visitor both yesterday and today.  Today though he stood long enough for me to take many photo’s of him.   

He’s the first Oriole I’ve seen here in Michigan.  I’m going to have to get him his own feeder.  I don’t think the holes on the hummer feeder are big enough for him.

I’m off to take a nap.  I should go run errands, but the juice is not there.  Let’s see, torch, run errands or nap.  I think I’ll nap, then torch and save the errands for tomorrow.

I hope everyone had an incredible weekend.  It was hot enough to peel paint here, but we made do.  Threw a couple of slabs of ribs on the BBQ and let them cook low and slow for about 4.5 hours.  They were so good.

Keep positive thoughts flowing.

Comments on: "I had a feeling this feeling wouldn’t feel good for long." (2)

  1. Glad to hear you’ve had some energy and could enjoy a few days of respite! Having a pool (especially a heated one) sounds pretty nice! If I want a pool, it’ll have to be one of those plastic kiddie pools. It cooled off enough here in MN to make it a little too chilly to hop in the water, though–so we’re doing long overdue inside stuff….like defrosting the freezer. Euwww.

    I hope a nap and some torching work out well for you!

  2. Anonymous said:

    Can I please get in the pool now? Even the birds are taking a dip! Yes and do not forget the imported from France Oriole Feeder. La mangeoire, bon a petit! Un tiens vaut epoux que deux tu l’auras

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