Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

In honor of my 125th post.  I’m going to share some information about myself that most people don’t know.  So here it is.  My top 10 list of things people don’t know about me.

  1. Took Ballet and Gymnastic classes for 10 years. (till the puberty thing)
  2. I can still stand on one leg and raise the other above my head. (not bad for 50)
  3. Wanted more than anything to be a Rockette or a Vegas showgirl. (till I stopped growing at 5′)
  4. I once answered an ad for a mail order bride in Montana.
  5. I lived out of my car for three months one winter.
  6. Was a runway model and mannequin for Vanity Fair bras for two years.
  7. I used to drink beer with tomato juice and now think it’s disgusting.
  8. I have ridden a bareback horse naked in the moonlight.
  9. Used to dream of being a stewardess and traveling to distant countries.
  10. I’ve driven straight through from Michigan to Daytona beach 18 times and had the trip down to 17 hours.

OK, so questions or comments???


Comments on: "10 things 99% of the people who know me don’t know about me." (6)

  1. #4, How many responses did you get?

    #5, Yikes! Glad things got better.

    #10, No Way!

  2. Well gotta love you more with that list, always interesting always a delight. The Vanity fair Bra thing was the most surprising me on the list … the others are not such a surprise… maybe I know you too well. I never wanted to ride a horse naked – the comparisons stand out too much or maybe not so much 🙂

    • Mark, we have discussed the visuals before. Quit trying to make me ill, the chemo works fine on it’s own.

      And yeah, not so much.

  3. I can see doing #10. The rest: not so much.
    Hope everything goes well this afternoon.

  4. your HB said:

    wow, I did not know you could drive!

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