Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

Three words…..

Full Metal Jousting.

What a great concept for a show.  I loved it.  Sweaty men in full body armor getting knocked off horses with sticks.  And competing.  This rocks.  Kudo’s to the producers and creators  for coming up with a reality show where there is no game playing, no conniving behind backs, no name calling.  Just sweaty men hitting each other with sticks to knock each other off horses.  How much more basic can you get.  Did I mention the shirtless, sweaty guys.  Guys who can take a hit.

I’m also liking the show Top Shot.  Again a clean, straightforward concept to a reality show.  No hype, no games, just clean competition.

With all the silly “reality” shows out there about housewives (I’m one and I don’t act like that), and big bootied sisters who act bitchy to each other, and houses full of camera to set people up.  Even Gold .Rush, which used to be a favorite, is quickly falling out of favor with the drama queens hitting center stage for the finale.

There used to be a show on called “Bowling for Dollars” that was the pre-cursor for the reality show of today.  Three grown men would compete by bowling for dollar totals and the winner was the one with the most money at the end of the hour.  I used to love that show.

OK, I’m off for the evening.  The Amazing Race is on tonite.  Can’t wait to see who comes in first tonite.


Comments on: "Three words….." (3)

  1. I knew I should have watched it 🙂

    I still watch Gold Rush, but I do agree with DH’s comment that except for “the kid”(and his family) they all aren’t very smart – I mean, if you know you flushed gold through, wouldn’t you re-wash that dirt?

  2. Valerie said:

    You are showing your age with Bowling for Dollars, but I guess I am too by commenting about it. LOL
    Fun Fun Fun….Val

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