Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

I have furniture in my kitchen where it so does not belong.  But….

My new carpet is being installed as I’m watching.  The tacky, ugly beige Berber carpet that came with the house will be no more.  I’m so excited.  Poor Oscar doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind.  Three strange men going in and out of the house at will and I’m just sitting, doing nothing.  He keeps running up to me and staring, like I should be stopping these men from taking his stinky carpet away.

I am so impressed with these guys so far.  Very polite and fast working.  They got here right on time and within a half hour they have everything torn up and the shop vac running to make sure there is nothing under the new carpet dirt wise.

I always thought the floor under the carpet was cement, but it’s actually peel and stick tile, and from the looks of it, several different boxes and colors were used.











Now that I’m looking at the size of the room, I’m thinking of turning this space into a “game room”.  I can see a pool table in here, with a race track that drops from the ceiling and a couple of pinball machines, a video game in the corner.  Yep, this room could rock as a game room.

Neon signs on the walls, door leading out to the deck and the pool.  I would take the table out of the breakfast nook and put some cozy chairs in here, get rid of the white picket fence between the rooms, I can see it now.  The perfect “Man cave”, adapted by a woman.  Now I can order my new blinds and curtains for the room.  I get to lose the dark blue mini blinds that were installed by the old owner and put some bright white ones in.  I wish I could resurface the brick fireplace wall with river rock.  It would add such a dimension to the room.

It looks so nice and  they’ve only just started to lay it down.  One nice big piece so there are no seams to deal with.

They are finished, the furniture moved back in and the room looks amazing.  I think we need to lose the paintings on the walls though.  I’m thinking of going with old sepia prints in old wood frames.  If I have to deal with paneling, I might as well make it work for me.  Now I have  to decide if I want to run errands for a while or just sit and enjoy my new carpet.

I know, I’ll run errands for a couple of hours then come home and nap.  It’s still early enough to sneak in a pedicure and some shopping before I crash for the day.

Have a marvelous week everyone.

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