Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

Along with two power ranger arms, a chocolate kiss (squished) and what I think might have been a cookie at one time but is an interesting furry thing now.

Yep, cleaned out under my couches after Christmas.  I have hardwood floors and once a month I do “dog hair” duty along the walls and under the furniture with a Swiffer sweeper just to give the floor a shine.  After having several houseful,s of friends and families and their kids, it was time.  I always love my “treasure hunt” cleans after the kids have been here.  For a bunch of kiddies under ten years old, they are really good about picking up the toys and putting them back upstairs when they are done.  I find it helps when they understand that they can bring down whatever they want, but they have to put them back when they are done with them.  I fully understand that in the midst of the chaos of Holiday parties, things get overlooked (like the toys under my couch) especially by the little ones.

What I don’t get are the adults and the words they leave behind.  Things like “I’ll call soon”, or “Let’s get together for lunch”, and the infamous, “let’s go shopping”.  Please don’t leave words behind that you’ve forgotten already.  Unlike kids toys, when you stumble over a reminder of someone who has offered to pick you up and take you out, and never has, it hurts.

I’d rather have the toys, At least those I can smile at with happy memories.

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