Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

Today, I’m the bug.  Had both Radiation and Chemo yesterday and today I feel like something the cat drug through a knothole backwards. 

The radiation is killing the nerve endings in my throat.  Everything is raw and swollen.  Pretty much living on Ensure, Mashed Potatoes, Perogies, and red meat cut very tiny and chewed well.  No more raw fruits and veggies.  They hurt so much to swallow.  The good news about a chronic sore throat is that you can no longer swallow you larger pills.  I spoke to my oncologist yesterday and he told me it was fine to stop taking the biggest one.  He didn’t realize I was still on it, from 2006, when I see him every 6 months with updated med lists.  These busy doctors.

Chemo has got me crapped out again today.  When I’m inside, I freeze from the air conditioning and when I go outside I turn into a sweat ball from the heat.  The first few nights kill me cause I can’t sleep, and Joe can’t sleep cause I can’t sleep.  So, I think I go finish what I’ve been doing all day, sitting in my favorite chair and dozing with the dog.  Wish I could go sleep upstairs but someone in the house doesn’t like having Oscar in the bed cause he sheds too much.  Bummer. 

Have a most wonderful day everyone.  Enjoy your family and your friends.  Toss a little healing white light out for me for tonight.   {{{Huggs to you all}}}


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