Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

My Radiation oncologist, who seems to think he’s God’s gift, is giving me the impression that I just don’t matter. I’m really not liking this feeling.

First, I had a meeting scheduled with him for last Monday, at 10:30, to discuss treatment plans and get my face mask made and get my markers done. I get a call on Friday asking if I can move the time up to 9:00. Sure, I can rearrange my entire morning to accommodate a man who reminds me of Clayton Endicott III. So we get there and we wait, and wait. Finally get taken back to an exam room where I get to chat with Nurse Mary for a while, and she asks all sorts of pertinent questions of me then she leaves and this large man comes into the room and proceeds to ask the same questions. WTF? Who is this guy. OK, so I ask him who he is. Oh, my doctor is on a last-minute vacation and this guy, whom I’ve never met before, is going to review my case with me. Great, another person who wants to know my history without even telling me their name. I just love sharing. And this guy thinks he’s a comedian too. Joking and making funny statements, so I was brutal to him. I vented all my frustrations on this guy. I guess if I laugh while I insult you it’s OK. Called him a wiener and a cry baby and a mama’s boy and everything. He just laughed back. What an ass. I’ll never see him again, what do I care?

OK, so been there, did all that only to be told that the doctor has to work up a therapy(radiation) plan for me and they will call by the end of the week. End of day Friday I still had heard nothing and I’m getting anxious. So I call, “Oh, the doctor hasn’t had a chance to look at your case yet, maybe Monday”. I’m told by the cheerful bitch, who is cancer free I’m sure.

Maybe Monday. OK, today is Monday. I call at 4:00 pm cause now my anxiety is through the roof. The doctor finally had a chance to look at it and make his “marks”. The Radiation team now has to go over his marks and make a plan. Three or four more days. Are you kidding me? Why do I feel like I’m not really a priority in my physicians realm. I want another doctor and tomorrow I will tell my oncologist that.

Working hard on the back yard today. I want to get as much done as I can so I can enjoy it this coming summer. I don’t think I’ll feel like doing much else in another few weeks.

Off to make dinner. Have a wonderful evening everyone.


Comments on: "I hate feeling like I don’t matter to my doctor." (1)

  1. What a total lack of compassion. a$$hats.

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