Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

Daily Life….

What does daily life mean to you.  Mine used to be getting up at the butt crack of dawn and rushing like hell to get to a job I didn’t like working for a woman who couldn’t stand me.  When she found out I had cancer she put everyone under orders that they were not to contact me.  Her brother had recently died of cancer and she didn’t want to hear anything about me.

Of course, really didn’t matter if I ever heard from her, just didn’t like the fact that she forbade other co-workers to contact me.  Made me feel really small and worthless.  You work with and for these people for 10+ years and they can’t even call to see how you are doing.  Really controlled lemmings if you ask me.

Now my days seem like one sad occasion interspersed with joyous moments.  I look around at all the projects that I started and never finished and think to myself that I really should finish some before I start another and I end up starting another anyway.

Saw my oncologist yesterday.  I start chemo next Tuesday which will give me a Monday head start on the Radiation.  I can hardly wait for the pain to kick in.  I know that the first two weeks won’t hurt, not really bad.  Just like a nagging sore throat.  The third week however……Wow.  It’s gonna hurt like hell.  I won’t want to move, swallow, talk, eat, drink. 

Please don’t let that stop you from coming over for a swim and a sun.  Just please call first.  I will post my schedule for Onc.  and Rad. so you know when I’ll be home.  I really want a loud, boisterous, laugh filled summer.  You all have my number, If you don’t, someone you know has it.  Please don’t feel that you might be “bothering” me, cause the silence bothers me more.

Huggs to you all.

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  1. Hugs back to you!

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