Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

Let me start by proclaiming loudly that I am not a slumlord.  My apartments are spotless when they are rented out and I expect them to stay that way.  All units have ceramic tile, new cabinets and countertops in the kitchens, new carpet.  I am always prompt to respond to any issue night or day.  I have worked with people when they have problems paying rent by not charging late fees or by hounding them. 

Why is it that when someone wants to leave an apartment, they feel it’s OK to take advantage of their landlord, cheat the landlord out of money, inconvenience them, break  their lease whenever they choose.  I just don’t get it.

I also don’t get why they feel justified in getting angry at me when I call them on it.  I have had people move out after riding the “eviction train” for everything they could (four months no rent and court costs for me, what fun) they had the gall to take me to court for their security deposit.

Had a woman send me an e-mail on 1-14 telling me that she was vacating her apartment as of 1-31.   Not my requested 30 day written notice, but OK.  I don’t hear from her again.  Nothing.  On 2-2 I drive to the apartments in order to do a walkthrough and evaluate what needs to be done to re-rent the apartment.  Imagine my surprise to find that they still have a bunch of stuff in the apartment.  Fridge, filled, garbage stacked outside, etc…  As I step out I notice that a wall in the half bath is sagging.  WTF??  I check it out and it looks like someone saturated the wall with water and let it soak for awhile. ???  Not good.  I call the tenant and leave a voicemail asking her to contact me immediately. 

As I’m walking back to my car I notice an excessive pile of trash outside another apartment.  I called that tenant to ask if she had missed garbage day, and to remind her that it was her responsibility to make sure the trash got picked up.  She called me back and informed me that she had moved out (broke lease, no notice) and the trash was now my responsibility.  I asked her when she planned on letting me know she was moving and was told that “I figured you’d call when you didn’t get your rent”.  The balls.  “Where are the keys?” I ask.  She locked them in the apartment.  The only set of keys.  I’m hope she doesn’t expect her deposit back.

Now I finally get a call back from the first tenants boyfriend.  Blah, blah, he’s at work, the weather, he had a cold…..  Tons of excuses but not one real reason for not being out of the apt yet.  He says he will be there that night (tues.) and will have everything done and out.  I asked him to call me when he finished so I could get in there on Wed.  I had someone interested in the place and wanted to show it quickly.  No word Wed, no word Thurs.  Even though I left voice mails on both phones asking them to call me.  I finally e-mailed her asking her what was going on.  Her reply, “Since the car you sold my boyfriend broke again, we won’t be able to do anything till the weekend.”  (Ok, sold the car in July.  WTF does that car have to do with you now squatting in my property?)  I politely inquire as to what time tonite I can expect her to pay her rent for Feb.  Since I lost a perspective tenant due to her, and she has no intention of vacating for the next few days, I feel I am in my rights to ask for her rent.  I recieve a response that since she was at work, she could not spend her afternoon exchanging  e-mails with me.  I replied that I was also at work.  My job is renting apartments and she is preventing me from doing so.  As of yet, no response.

Now I get a phone call from another apartment complex asking for a reference for a current tenant.  Ummm, does 30 day notice mean nothing to anyone anymore?


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