Regardless of the situation, no matter how hopeless the outcome may be, I will never quit, and I will never back down. I have become the wolf.

A couple of weeks ago I had an MRI on my upper back to see if my arthritis has gotten worse.  My anesthesiologist wanted me to have one done prior to giving me my next epidural.  Since it wasn’t my oncologist ordering the test I had to have it done at the regular hospital instead of the Cancer Center where I’m used to going.  So different techs, different radiologists reading the scans.  The anesthesiologist seemed satisfied and gave me my last epidural without any problems.

Last week, however, I went to my oncologist for my annual blood work and checkup.  He looked at the results of the MRI and told me they reported a spot on my right lung.  He’s not sure if this is a spot that has been there, as a result of my prior surgery and it’s just being seen by new eyes, or it’s something new and we need to be concerned again.

So, the hamster is back on the wheel.  The “what ifs” are flying around my tiny cranial cavity.

OK.  we have a CT scan scheduled for when I return from vacation and the oncologist a week later for the results.  So for two weeks this is going to prey on my mind.

Light a candle for me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about our vacations and how we love to sight see and take in the points of interest wherever we go.  Then I thought, I live near Detroit, one of the most interesting places that I’ve heard of.  So I did some research.  So far I have found 70 places in and around the city of Detroit that I want to visit.  I’m sure I’ll find more as I do more research.  I have a lifetime to do it so why not.  Some of the places I’ve been to before, but without photo’s so gotta do it again 🙂 . I’ve been chronicling our journey to the sights of Detroit on my “Things to do in 2014” page.  We have spent time the past two weeks visiting the start of the list.  It’s fun exploring your own city.  Just researching everything was so interesting. So, if you want, check out my page, leave a comment to let me know you were there.

Sitting here, by myself in my new space.  Yeah, I have my own space in my house to do my own thing.  As I sit here feeling all impressed with Joe for figuring out how to do this, I’m noticing things that haven’t been done in ever so long.

My jewelry is dusty.  It has a layer of dust coating everything.  There are even some cobwebs lurking among the necklaces.  It’s been ever so long since I’ve stopped wearing it.  Where does one go when one doesn’t work?  I don’t want to go to the mall, cause I don’t want to buy things I don’t need and won’t use.  Going out to dinner is a crap shoot on if I’m going to even eat.  

Wow, I can tell I’m going through a down cycle in my mood swings.  I need to up the xanex or the zoloft or the neurotin, whichever of those is supposed to make me feel better.  Being on eleven different medications can be hard sometimes.  If you forget, or are late, your body plays hell with you.  Which is why my moods are crazy.  Catch 22.  (who remembers it?)  Required reading in my highschool till they banned it and had it removed.  They removed alot of books that year.  1977.  I wonder why?

The wind is whipping today.  Much better than the snow crunch we went through earlier this month.  We have so much snow at the end of our drive that I can’t see to back up.  I physically can’t see the road.  Hopefully this will gradually melt and we won’t have a huge flooding problem to worry about.

I need some ideas to get me out of the house.  Anyone out there have ideas?

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